Friday, October 08, 2010

Atheists Fail to Stop Prayer at School

Hundreds, maybe even a couple of thousand people, plan to raise their voices reciting The Lord's Prayer before tonight's Lee County High School [Leesburg, GA] football game.

UPDATE 10/9/10: What happened? Most everyone prayed outloud during the "moment of silence"

-- From "Lee Co. High students speak up about not praying at football games" by Megan Naughton, WFXL TV-31 (Albany, GA) 10/7/10

The Lee County High Trojans won’t be starting their football game with an announced prayer Friday night; instead there will be a moment of silence.

Some football players say they're ok with the moment of silence because they say their prayer before they’re even out of the tunnel. However some students in the stands say they’ll be taking that time to pray out loud.

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From "LCHS fans may recite individual prayers" By Jennifer Emert, WALB TV-10 (Albany, GA) 10/8/10

It's a response the cancellation of public prayers over the stadium's public address system. Someone complained after pastors prayed over the PA before two games this season.

The school system realized they can't legally hold that kind of prayer. Now fans say they'll join together to recite the Lord's Prayer.

Jonathan Lyons helped launch the Facebook page to get people to pray during tonight's moment of silence and he hopes those who do have the right spirit about it. "It's not a spirit of rebellion toward the school or towards anybody else, I just hope people use this opportunity to truly give their spirit," he said.

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