Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fired Christian Weatherman Challenges NBC TV Station

The ratings were good for the Norfolk, Va. morning TV show that included Jon Cash doing the weather, but he was fired two days after he talked (off air) of a calling to a future of full-time ministry.

-- From "Jon Cash sees a silver lining in firing: God's word" by Mike Gruss, The Virginian-Pilot 10/25/10

In a July 21 e-mail sent from his WAVY [TV station] account, he offered his services to local pastors: “The Lord has called me to give up my television job and plunge into full-time evangelism to more effectively spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the next several years my team is planning city-wide revivals to take our country back for the cause of Christ. I hope your church will take part in this enormous push for the gospel in the future.”

Here is what Cash and his attorney, Gary Byler, say about Aug. 31, the Tuesday Cash was fired.

Cash says that his boss, WAVY General Manager Doug Davis, had sent him an e-mail at 10:03 p.m. Aug. 29, asking to meet that Tuesday.

The e-mail came a few hours after the weatherman had left the pulpit at a church in Isle of Wight. At the revival, Cash had announced that he intended to pursue full-time ministry next summer, if it was God’s will.

Cash arrived at the station Monday, read the e-mail, went on the air for the noon broadcast and then followed the same routine Tuesday. After the show, he walked into Davis’ office and “he fired me,” Cash said.

Davis said Cash’s actions were “bad for business,” according to Byler.

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From "EEOC probes TV station's firing of Christian weatherman" by Brian Fitzpatrick © 2010 WorldNetDaily 10/27/10

The EEOC is pursuing an "active investigation," according to Gary C. Byler, legal counsel for Cash. Once the EEOC has completed its investigation, Cash may pursue civil litigation.

"Before you can sue civilly (in an area under EEOC jurisdiction) you have to give the EEOC an opportunity to investigate," Byler told WND.

"I'm not the suing kind of person," Cash told WND. "I spent a week praying and in the end, what came to mind was, 'If good men do nothing, evil prospers.' God is a god of justice, and the courts are where you seek justice."

Cash had worked as a WAVY weatherman for nearly 21 years while pursuing his preaching, evangelism and missionary work during off hours and vacations.

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