Sunday, October 10, 2010

MN Archbishop Riles Liberals with Doctrine

Secularists and homosexualists join with liberal 'catholics' in protest of Twin Cities Roman Catholic Archbishop John C. Nienstedt preaching the Truth beyond the Church walls; the archdiocese mailed hundreds of thousands of DVDs in support of marriage (one man and one woman) as designed by God.

-- From "Minn. DVD against same-sex marriage sparks protest" by The Associated Press 10/9/10

Deb Bittner says she's a lifelong Catholic. But she thinks Archbishop John Nienstedt's (NYN'-stedz) DVD sent a message of exclusion.

The 53-year-old Bittner says Catholicism is supposed to be about compassion. She says she organized the protest after a lesbian co-worker received the DVD and asked Bittner what she as a Catholic would do about it.

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From "Catholics get creative in response to archbishop's anti-gay-marriage message" by Molly Guthrey, Twin Cities Pioneer Press 10/10/10

The materials, sent to Catholic households throughout Minnesota, include an introductory letter from each local bishop and the DVD, which features Nienstedt reviewing the Catholic teaching on marriage and his concerns about potential legislation that would alter the institution.

"Reactions, as you might guess, are across the board," said Dennis McGrath, spokesman for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. "Some are extremely supportive, and some are not extremely supportive."

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From "Minnesota Archbishop denies gay activists Holy Communion" by Richard Sikorski, Orange County Roman Catholic Examiner 10/8/10

An estimated 25 gay activists wearing protest buttons and sashes were denied Communion by Twin Cities Roman Catholic Archbishop John C. Nienstedt during his first student Mass at St. John's Abbey. When the protesters extended their hands to receive Our Lord's Body and Blood, Archbishop Nienstedt extended his hand in blessing instead.

The Archdiocese wanted to make it clear that the Archbishop was not refusing Holy Communion to homosexuals, only refusing to allow the Holy Eucharist as venue for protest. Archdiocese spoke person Dennis McGrath has repeatedly told gay activist groups, "You cannot receive communion if you wear the rainbow sash, because it's a political statement, a sign of protest. Going to the communion rail is the most sacred part of our faith, the eucharist. We don't allow anybody to make political statements or any kind of protest."

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