Monday, October 04, 2010

Scientists Judge Unborn, Kill Unwanted

In vitro fertilization specialists have learned how to enable unnatural human conception, and now will judge the usefulness and/or viability of each life, and systematically kill the unworthy, as they choose.

One scientist said, "If you watch the videos, this is how life begins."

-- From "Human embryos' odds of survival can be predicted" by Erin Allday, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer, 10/4/10

Stanford researchers who studied and photographed human embryos for the first five days after fertilization say they have found a way to accurately predict which embryos will reach an important developmental milestone - and may be the most likely to lead to healthy pregnancies.

. . . The Stanford researchers were able to determine with 93 percent accuracy which newly fertilized eggs would become blastocysts, and which would stop growing and die before they reached that stage.

That could eliminate the need to implant two or more embryos at once to increase the chance of a single birth. And it could allow specialists to implant sooner after fertilization, which most doctors believe leads to fewer complications and better chances of a pregnancy.

But they noted that the Stanford study only predicted whether the embryos would become healthy blastocysts. Whether it can predict healthy pregnancies remains to be seen.

The embryos in the study were created at an in vitro fertilization program in Illinois that is now closed; the patients gave consent for their embryos to be used in research.

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Watch the time-lapse video; which of the unborn will be washed down the sink?