Friday, April 29, 2011

States Will Defund Planned Parenthood

After Congress recently failed to strip the nation's largest abortion provider of all federal funding, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Texas legislatures hope to stop the money flow, but now all eyes are on Indiana's governor: Will he break his "truce" that the GOP should stop battling The Culture War.

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UPDATE 5/7/12: White House counters states' efforts - Obama demands Planned Parenthood be funded

UPDATE 4/25/12: Arizona defunds Planned Parenthood

UPDATE 12/17/11: Wisconsin Shifts Money Away from Planned Parenthood

UPDATE 8/20/11: Judge blocks North Carolina defunding of Planned Parenthood pending lawsuit

UPDATE 6/16/11: North Carolina votes to defund Planned Parenthood

UPDATE 6/13/11: Tennessee Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Loses Tax Funding

UPDATE 5/25/11: Several states making progress

UPDATE 5/4/11: Indiana Squeezes Obama in Abortion Battle via Medicaid

UPDATE 5/17/11: Kansas Restricts Abortion, Defunds Planned Parenthood

UPDATE 4/29/11: Gov. will sign defunding bill

UPDATE 5/1/11: Planned Parenthood will sue to block law

-- From "Several States Take Up Fight Over Defunding Planned Parenthood" by Stephen Clark, 4/28/11

Following a Senate vote earlier this month in Indiana, the House on Wednesday voted 66-32 to cut off $3 million in federal money the state distributes to the family planning group. The bill is now in Gov. Mitch Daniels' hands, and some say he risks losing $4 million in federal Medicaid money if he signs it into law, a claim that is in dispute. Planned Parenthood officials are urging Daniels to veto the bill or face a court challenge to the defunding.

In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback has proposed in his 2012 budget stripping Planned Parenthood of $300,000 in federal family planning funds and redirecting it to state and local health clinics. Lawmakers are expected to vote on the proposed budget in the coming weeks. If passed, it will take effect on July 1.

In North Carolina, the proposed state budget includes a ban on state contracts with Planned Parenthood for teen pregnancy prevention and family planning that would cause the organization to lose $473,000.

In New Hampshire, where Republicans took control of the Legislature in November, the House is considering a bill that would cut $700,000 in public money state sends to Planned Parenthood. The legislation bans all state contracts with any service provider that offers abortions.

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From "Battle over Planned Parenthood heads to states, starting with Indiana" by Mark Guarino, staff writer, Christian Science Monitor 4/28/11

[Gov.] Daniels has not yet commented on whether or when he will sign the bill. However, regarding the presidential campaign, he has said he will announce his decision following the end of the legislative session, which is Friday.

Daniels is considered a moderate Republican who last summer told The Weekly Standard that the next president needs to declare “a truce on the so-called social issues” in favor of tackling America’s economic woes. During his two terms as governor, Daniels has preferred to focus on union issues, budgeting, and education.

According to state law, a veto from Daniels could be overridden by the state Senate, which is majority Republican. That could provide him the convenience of not bearing direct responsibility for the measure becoming law.

Indiana’s Planned Parenthood chapter says it will seek an injunction against the bill if it becomes law.

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From "Rick Santorum to Mitch Daniels: Defund Planned Parenthood in Indiana" by Christine Delargy, CBS News 4/28/11

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who has criticized Gov. Mitch Daniels for his call for a "truce" on social issues, is now calling on his potential 2012 rival to sign a controversial bill to cut $3 million in funding to Planned Parenthood in Indiana.

Santorum, who may face Daniels in a Republican presidential primary, reiterated his support for "strong families, strong marriages" and his opposition to concessions on social issues.

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