Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's Czar: Gay Agenda Parallels Slavery

President Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar, Kevin Jennings (founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) gave Maryland high school students a Gay Agenda "history lesson" comparing discrimination against sexually deviant behavior to slavery and racial segregation, despite his lecture being billed as concerning bullying,

Parents were neither notified of the event, nor given any "opt out" alternative.

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-- From "After student's suicide: Anti-bullying workshop at Maryland high school" by Autria Godfre, WJLA-TV7 (ABC Arlington, VA) 4/28/11

A special assembly on bullying at Bethesda [Maryland] Chevy Chase High School is reminding students just how much weight their words can carry. The program comes as students remember classmate Aiden Rivera Schaeff, who committed suicide just one year ago.

Aiden entered the 9th grade as Caitlin, but soon began the transition to becoming a boy. His family said that he started taking hormones and dressing as a boy. He starting going by a boy’s name. One year ago Aiden committed suicide, just one month shy of his 18th birthday.

His former school is hoping to keep Aiden's story from being repeated. Kevin Jennings who heads up the safe and drug free school initiative for the obama administration, spoke at the event Thursday. Administrators hit a nerve with students who say Aiden's agony is still fresh.

Aiden’s [lesbian] mothers say they couldn't be happier the school is taking such a stance on the issue that took their son.

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From "Safe Schools Czar Compares Anti-Gay Discrimination to Slavery and Racial Segregation" by Penny Starr, 4/29/11

Jennings included many details about his personal life in his lecture and Power Point presentation, including his older brother’s interracial marriage and how his nephew followed in his father’s footsteps.

He then displayed a chart of U.S. presidents to show the students which men were in office when slavery was legal, which ones were president when segregation was legal, and that homosexuals have never had equality under any president, including Barack Obama.

Jennings then said that for most of U.S. history it would have been unthinkable and dangerous to consider a black man to run for president or for a white woman to marry a black man. Social and legal changes in favor of such actions have only happened "very, very, very recently," he said.

"The same thing has happened around gay and lesbian people in American history history," said Jennings, who then noted the pro-homosexual achievements of the last 35 years but also noted that legal and employment restrictions against homosexuals still exist in more than 30 states. "It is still legal in over 30 states to fire people from their jobs because they're gay and they have no legal protections against this," said Jennings.

"So, even under President Obama we have not reached a period where it is completely safe for a gay person to tell the truth about who they are and not fear that they might lose their job,” Jennings said.

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