Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Liberalism Causes Poverty in America: Study

A new study showing that 1 in 4 American children are raised by a single parent, coupled with the well-known fact of higher poverty rates resulting from single parenthood, demonstrates that the liberals' destruction of the family unit through sexualization of children, no-fault divorce, same-sex 'marriage' and the it-takes-a-Village mentality is the root cause of poverty in America.

UPDATE 12/26/12: Violence & Poverty due to Absence of Intact Family

UPDATE 8/17/11: Child poverty rate climbs to 20%

UPDATE 5/31/11: Marriage culture key to economy, study says

-- From "25 Percent Of U.S. Children Raised By Single Parent" posted at KWTX-TV News 10 (Waco, TX) 4/27/11

One in four children in the U.S. is being raised by a single parent, which is higher than in other developed countries, a new report says.

Experts list a variety of factors to explain the high U.S. figure, including a cultural shift toward greater acceptance of single parent child rearing.

The report also found that single parents in the United States were more likely on average to be employed, but noted they also had higher rates of poverty.

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From "1 in 4 children in US raised by a single parent" by Christine Armario, Associated Press 4/27/11

The report noted that public spending on child welfare and education is higher in the U.S. than in other countries—$160,000 per child compared to $149,000. . . .

Childhood poverty rates in the U.S. are also expected to climb—23.5 percent from 20 percent. . . .

The single parent phenomenon has been occurring over recent decades. The study noted the U.S. and England have higher teenage birthrates than other countries, partially contributing to the higher single-parent numbers, though the proportion of children born outside marriage was not significantly higher than the other countries.

Christina Gibson Davis, a professor at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Police, said changing gender roles, the rise of contraception, high incarceration rates in some communities and an acceptance of having children out of wedlock have all contributed to the growing number.

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UPDATE 4/16/15: Decades of Income Inequality is due to Demise of Married-parent Families with Children, Study Shows

UPDATE 5/30/14: President Obama Replaces Fathers with Government Mentors

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