Monday, April 25, 2011

Dead Fetus Found, Police Say it's 'No Crime'

A dog-walking pedestrian passing an abortion clinic was stunned when the dog found a fetus in the parking lot. When notified, the police said that it's no crime to discard abortion remains, even though the abortionist is otherwise under investigation.

UPDATE 6/13/11: Second abortion clinic illegally dumps aborted babies in dumpsters

-- From "Human Fetus Found In Central El Paso Parking Lot" by KVIA-TV7 (El Paso, TX) 4/22/11

El Paso Police were called to Hillside Family Planning Clinic around 11:45 a.m. Friday on a report of human remains found.

Officers were given a black plastic bag containing a human fetus between nine to 12 weeks old. According to citizens who were gathered peacefully outside the clinic to protest against it, a passer-by found the remains.

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From "Fetus found in bag near West Side abortion clinic" By Daniel Borunda, El Paso Times 4/23/11

Police officials determined that no crime had been committed, but pro-life activists were appalled after the trash bag with dime-sized limbs was apparently found outside the Hill Top Women's Reproductive Clinic, 300 E. Schuster.

"The medical examiner and the Crimes Against Persons (unit) made the determination it was not a crime," said Detective Mike Baranyay, a police spokes man. The fetus was 9 to 12 weeks old, police said.

Detectives and the medical examiner staff went to the scene but have not confirmed whether the fetus came from the clinic or elsewhere. "We do not know the origin of the fetus," Baranyay said.

Baranyay said the proper disposal of human tissue was a health department matter, not a police matter.

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From "Abortion Practitioner Under Probe Where Aborted Baby Found" by Steven Ertelt, 4/25/11

The facility is one of the abortion businesses operated by abortion practitioner Franz Theard, who is currently under investigation by the state medical board for numerous violations after an Operation Rescue investigation employing undercover phone calls showed him willing to violate Texas’ abortion laws.

The remains of the aborted baby, including discernible arms and hands, feet and legs, were discovered on Friday by the abortion clinic’s neighbor after his dog began to root in the trash near the Hilltop abortion center’s dumpster. He bagged the remains and later gave them to sidewalk Counselor Gaby Federico, of the pro-life group Live Action.

“We will be contacting the Texas Medical Board to inform them of this obvious case of illegal dumping of human remains,” said [Operation Rescue president Troy] Newman. “They can add this incident to their ongoing investigation.”

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