Friday, April 15, 2011

Gay Recruitment of Kids: Obama's Czar Legacy

President Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar, Kevin Jennings, founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which was exposed this week recruiting children through Facebook by promoting the annual homosexual celebration in schools called the "Day of Silence."

WARNING: Explicit sexual language presented with evidence at the bottom of this post.

For background, read Homosexual Indoctrination 'Day of Silence' in Schools and also read Exposed: Obama's Gay Agenda for Schools

UPDATE 6/7/11: White House Says Gay Recruitment of Kids Successful

-- From "Social Conservatives Take Aim at Day of Silence School Event Focused on Gay Issues" by Kevin Derby, Sunshine News (Tallahassee, FL) 4/14/11

According to organizers, more than 20,000 students from some 7,500 schools registered to participate in the 2010 DOS, while hundreds of thousands actually took part. Students will remain silent all day, except when called on during class, to focus on anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) insults, bullying and harassment.

David Caton, the executive director of the Florida Family Association (FFA), attacked the event on Wednesday, claiming it “politicizes the classroom for ideological purposes.”

“The explicit purpose of DOS is to encourage sympathy and support for students involved in homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors whose voices have been allegedly silenced by the disapproval of society,” added Caton. “The implicit purpose is to undermine the belief that homosexuality and cross-dressing are immoral. Parents should no longer passively countenance the political usurpation of public school classrooms through student silence.”

Caton encouraged parents to monitor their children’s school to see what would happen on Friday -- and pull their children out of school for the day if necessary.

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From "School not the place for politics" by Bill Bumpas, OneNewsNow 4/14/11

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute tells OneNewsNow the initiative is really about exploiting legitimate anti-bullying sentiment.

"No one wants students bullied, but they're using that to try to create an environment in which conservatives can't express their moral beliefs," Higgins laments. "Actually, what they want to do is eradicate the belief that homosexual behavior is immoral. Their end goal is not ending bullying; their end goal is the complete normalization of homosexuality and the creation of a social and political environment that makes it impossible for conservatives to speak."

"School is not the place for political action -- at least not political action that interferes with learning in the classroom," the pro-family advocate contends. Her group is encouraging parents to keep their children home on Friday if their schools are allowing students to take part in the Day of Silence.

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From "Parents and Students Protest 'Day of Silence' Agenda" by Liberty Alerts, Liberty Counsel (posted at The Moral Liberal) 4/14/11

The Day of Silence is a project of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which promotes a radical sexualized agenda, including the promotion of books that encourage sex between adults and minors.

The Day of Silence has been turned into a homosexual and transsexual promotion agenda. Neither students nor public school teachers or staff should be forced to promote homosexual behavior.

School teachers should be aware that students do not have the right to remain silent when they are called upon by teachers. Conduct on the part of a student that causes a substantial disruption or material interference with school activities is not protected under the First Amendment. Students cannot learn if they refuse to participate in class, and they harm other students’ experience by not contributing to a dialogue of learning.

School administrators do not have to promote the Day of Silence. In those states that require abstinence instruction, schools do not have to recognize clubs that promote sexual activities.

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From "Facebook kids campaign links to 'full frontal nudity'" by Bob Unruh © 2011 WorldNetDaily 4/13/11

A Facebook page set up to promote homosexuality to children through the "Day of Silence" organized by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network – which was founded by President Obama's Office of Safe Schools chief Kevin Jennings – has scrubbed its site of links to pornography after several Web-savvy organizations revealed the offending offerings.

The links from the Facebook page also were documented by Linda Harvey of Mission America and the Illinois Family Institute.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth edited some of the images, placing blocks over strategic parts of the photographs, but they remained largely too revealing for inclusion in a news report.

"A click on 'Charly's' (from Hammond, Ind.) pornographic thumbnail photo takes the user to his profile page, which describes his 'sexual interests' as: 'Anal, Bi/Straight, Bondage, Chat/Cam/Phone, Feet, Kissing, Master/Slave, Nipple play, Oral, Porn, Rimming, Rough, Suits, Toys.'"

LaBarbera noted that GLSEN promotes homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality in schools across America.

"One of the main ways it does that is through 'Gay-Straight Alliances,' which are de facto pro-homosexual booster clubs and which now exist in thousands of high schools and colleges across the United States."

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