Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Condoms to 11-year-olds from Philly Gov't

The Philadelphia Department of Health has launched a massive free condom giveaway to children from a website that includes explicit instructions on condom usage and more (see videos at bottom).

UPDATE 12/26/12: Free Condoms for Anonymous Students at 22 Philly High Schools

UPDATE 4/14/11 FOX News video:

-- From "Philly Pre-Teen Condom Site Causes Furor" posted at 4/13/11

Philadelphia's new campaign to educate young teens on the dangers of sexual activity has sparked some hot debate around town.

The new Web site is called and it is run by the Philadelphia Department Of Health (and funded with taxpayer dollars).

The Web site asks people to acknowledge they are between 11 and 19 years of age before they submit a request for free condoms. Female condoms are also available but must be picked up in person at one or five local offices.

While it is important to educate, many people are asking how young is too young?

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From "Philadelphia Condom Campaign Targets Kids as Young as 11" by Joshua Rhett Miller, 4/13/11

The program, offered by the city's Department of Health, features a website that includes facts on diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS, as well as detailed -- and playful -- instructions for young girls on how to use female condoms.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled the campaign on April 7 as he announced the winning design for the city's custom-labeled condom wrapper.

While giving away condoms to children as young as 11 might "seem a little young" to Kevin Burns, executive director of Action AIDS, a health clinic in Philadelphia listed on, he said the free condom program is appropriate.

One parent in Philadelphia, however, told the Philadelphia Daily News that sending condoms to kids as young as 11 -- perhaps without their parents' knowledge -- isn't responsible.

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The following are just two examples of the instructional videos on the Health Department website (specifically directed to children) -- WARNING, explicit and graphic sexual content: