Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sadomasochistic Exhibit Funded by Univ. of Chicago

The University of Chicago provided nearly $3,200 to a "kink" student group for a traveling sadomasochistic "leather library" exhibit at the University that eroticized pedophilia, incest, and the most deviant pornographic perversions known to mankind.
“We had maybe one person who had some uptight body language about the material but nobody has said anything. We have a very supportive campus.”
-- From "University of Chicago hosts traveling kink book exhibit" by Kara Spak, Chicago Sun-Times Staff Reporter 4/27/11

The world of kink and fetish again has found a home on a prestigious Chicago university campus.

The University of Chicago currently is hosting a traveling exhibit from the Carter-Johnson Leather Library, a collection of hundreds of books and magazines including “Macho Sluts,” a limited edition “The Spankers” by Duchess of Pain, “Run Little Leather Boy” and “Diapers,” a magazine with a cover featuring a grown man wearing a diaper, holding a stuffed panda and sucking on a bottle.

The university is the first college in the country to host the exhibit, which typically travels to leather and kink shows, said Vi Johnson, who developed the collection with her partner.

“When it travels to kink events, essentially we’re preaching to the choir,” Johnson said. “Being able to bring this display to a college campus, put a 300-year-old book in the hands of a 20-year-old and say ‘Here’s your history’ — it’s such a rush.”

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From "University of Chicago Promotes S&M and Pedophilia to Students -- in Name of Diversity" posted at Christian Newswire 4/29/11

Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) sent a reporter Wednesday to the exhibit -- at the University's International House -- and came back with photos of the shockingly perverse offerings of the "Carter Johnson Leather Library," including:
• The lesbian porn book "Macho Sluts," by Pat Califia, which includes a story about a mother who engages in sadistic, violent "sex play" with her own 13-year-old daughter;

• "Gay" pornographic fiction books with pederastic themes, including one 1975 book, "Small Town Boy," about a 15-year-old boy who meets up with and is sodomized by an adult businessman visiting from New York City;
Incredibly, the University of Chicago now officially sanctions a "student group" for sexual sadists: RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink), through which the traveling "leather library" exhibit was funded. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, RACK "received nearly $3,200 in university grant money to bring the display to campus."

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