Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hypersexualized White House and Sexual Violence in Schools

The Obama administration has been proud to elevate sexuality at every opportunity, including filling the Department of Education with homosexualists, trashing President Bush's emphasis on abstinence education, and so on. Appropriately, now the White House must also address the sexual violence committed by "well-educated" students.

UPDATE 4/8/11: White House says root of problem is homophobia (Gay Agenda is Obama's central theme now)

-- From "Federal guidelines issued to fight campus sexual violence" by Julie Mianecki, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau 4/5/11

Schools must do more to prevent and respond to sexual violence on campus, Vice President Joe Biden said Monday as he introduced new federal guidelines to combat the problem.

Biden was joined by Education Secretary Arne Duncan at the University of New Hampshire, which was chosen because of its highly regarded efforts in sexual violence prevention.

Under the Education Department guidelines, schools informed about sexual harassment or violence must take immediate action to stop the abuse and prevent it from happening again. Regardless of whether a victim files a complaint, the school must investigate the incident, even if a criminal investigation is underway.

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From "White House making new efforts to prevent sexual violence on school campuses" by CNN White House Producer Becky Brittain 4/5/11

. . . Vice President Joe Biden Monday . . . announcing new guidance that will go to all K-12 schools, colleges and universities to address the growing number of sexual assaults.

The White House is making new efforts to help prevent sexual violence on school campuses. A 19-page report released at the Biden event discusses efforts schools can take to prevent sexual violence but also gives direction in dealing with rape victims knowing their civil rights.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said that most schools would like to believe that they are immune from sexual assaults but this directive will help them address the issue of sexual violence on their campuses.

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