Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Getting an Abortion is Easy!' Says Gov't

Massachusetts taxpayers are footing the bill for a teen-targeted website that teaches them how to perform anal sex, masturbate, and more!

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UPDATE 4/26/11: Bipartisan support against sex-promotion website

-- From "Critics call for rewrite on teen abort site" by Christine McConville and Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald 4/21/11

Yesterday, after a Herald report, the Web site apparently crashed and was unavailable for much of the day. The site features a fictional teen, Maria, who counsels that “getting an abortion is much easier than it sounds.”

A spokesman for Gov. Deval Patrick had no comment on the site. The Department of Public Health, which funds the program, yesterday defended it in a statement that said: “Maria Talks is a Web site for adolescents that provides comprehensive, medically accurate and developmentally appropriate information about sexual health in a non-judgmental, easily accessible format.”

House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-N. Reading) said he was “a bit taken aback” by Maria Talks: “Even middle-of-the-road people are saying, ‘Wait a second. My tax dollars are going for this?’ ”

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From "Massachusetts-funded site tells teens getting an abortion is ‘much easier than it sounds’" by Kathleen Gilbert, 4/21/11

Under “parenting,” teens learn that “even finding time for yourself to simply chill” will become difficult if they choose to have a baby. “Seriously, as cute as those little babies are, they can be really stressful,” warns the mascot. Similarly, under “adoption,” she glumly notes, “From what I’ve heard, going through this process can be pretty tough for some people, especially emotionally.” The abortion section, however, lacks mention of any emotional or physical risks, and advises, “what’s important is how you feel about it.”

The site assures teens that it’s quick and easy to get a judicial bypass to circumvent the state’s parental notification law and get the procedure done. “Ok, I totally know that this information can sound pretty intimidating and overwhelming, but I promise you the reality of getting an abortion is much easier than it sounds here,” “Maria” confides.

Extremely explicit “sex education” information is offered on the site as well, offering youngsters anatomy lessons for male and female genitals, and even explicit details of how to handle an ejaculation during oral sex. A section on abstinence notes that “it is not a realistic option for everyone,” and is grouped on the same page with sexual activities that avoid pregnancy.

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