Thursday, April 07, 2011

IL Gov. Elevates Homosexual Pro-abortion Lobbyist

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) has chosen a proud homosexual man, who is currently head of a pro-abortion PAC, to the state Human Rights Commission. The Democrat-controlled Senate approved the appointment on a 30 to 25 vote.

Read background on Illinois' latest advocate of sexual deviancy now in high office

-- From "Quinn pick draws fire on abortion stance" posted at Chicago Tribune 4/7/11

Following sharp exchanges, a Democratic-led Senate panel today recommended approval of a state board appointment for an abortion-rights leader whose group contributed more than $400,000 to Gov. Pat Quinn's campaign.

Republicans pointedly questioned whether Terry Cosgrove, the president and CEO of Personal PAC, could be fair in a role as a member of the state’s Human Rights Commission. They charged that Cosgrove knowingly distorted and misrepresented Republican candidate positions in campaigns.

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From "High-profile Illinois abortion-rights activi$t wins plum seat after heated debate" by kevin McDermott, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/7/11

Republicans brought up the money connection in floor debate (a no-brainer, given Illinois' sorry history regarding "pay-to-play" politics), but they appeared more incensed at Cosgrove's campaign tactics. They took turns recounting horror stories about campaign mailers, "robo-calls" and other aggressive political practices by the high-profile group.

"He sent out an email blast saying that (Sen.) Dan Duffy is against abortion even in cases of rape and incest," which was false, Duffy, a Barrington Republican, angrily told his colleagues. He said when he confronted Cosgrove about it, "his explanation was that politics is a rough-and-tumble place." Duffy and other Republicans said it raised a character issue.

Democrats alleged Republicans were just trying to punish an activist who had very effectively supported the other side, and that Cosgrove's activist history is what qualifies him for a board that reviews and rules on human right complaints.

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