Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pro-abortion Forces Get Violent

Experiencing the American pro-life trend, more and more abortion advocates are taking to the streets, stirred up by Planned Parenthood's call to war.

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-- From "Abortion Advocates Threaten Pro-Lifers, Slash Tires in Violence" by Steven Ertelt, 4/6/11

Abortion activists protested a weekend event honoring pro-life advocate Joe Schiedler of the Pro-Life Action League and the protests involved more than just holding signs or chanting – they included violence.

Shortly after the event, pro-abortion stalwarts slashed the tires of three pro-life advocates and another abortion advocate threatened more violence against him. As posted on the Chicago Independent Media Center website, one pro-abortion person wrote:
On the night of April 2nd, shortly after the pro choice demo against Joe Scheidler, another attack from pro-choice militants was carried out against him and his followers. Three cars of pro-life activists had their tires slashed….Aside from wanting Joe to remove that Indiana Jones [deleted] lookin hat, we hope, and will see to it, that his punk-a** receives constant and aggressive confrontation until he quits the ridiculous anti-choice bull****. Those who attempt to take away ones freedom deserve it not for themselves.
In a related note concerning the event, which saw hundreds of pro-life advocates and more than two dozen leaders from all over the country gathering in downtown Chicago for an “Evening of Tribute” to honor Scheidler, a “flash mob” of dozens of pro-life youth surrounded the pro-life advocate. After leaving the hotel premises, the Chicago Life Mob encountered the abortion supporters in an intersection face off, while the Chicago Police divided the two groups. The youth greeted the virulent “pro-choicers” with joyous chants, music, and prayer.

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From "New Video Shows Abortion Activists at Their Most Extreme" by Steven Ertelt, 3/11/11

Brian Burch, the head of talked about the new video in an email to

This is one of the most agonizing videos we have ever produced. Two weeks ago we sent our media team into the middle of a rally organized to defend taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. We wanted to expose what the defenders of Planned Parenthood really believe. What we witnessed left us speechless.

The abortion industry is often portrayed as a big-hearted caring industry that simply wants to serve low-income women. Their supporters claim that stripping Planned Parenthood and abortion providers of taxpayer funds will hurt everyone. Of course this is a lie. Planned Parenthood is billion-dollar organization that is chiefly concerned with one thing — the destruction of innocent human life.

The fight over taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood is about much more than budgets and deficits. The fight is ultimately about our vision for America — a vision that cherishes mothers, families and the gift of human life.

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