Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sexually Confused Legislation Killed in Maryland

The "Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination" H.B. 235 that died in the state Senate is part of a nationwide effort to normalize a mental disorder, and require coed public restrooms and showers.

UPDATE 6/26/11: Gay-rights group struggles after failure of marriage bill

-- From "Senators kill transgender protection measure; same procedure ended gay marriage bill in House" by The Associated Press 4/11/11

The Maryland Senate voted 27-20 Monday to send the proposal back to a Senate committee, effectively killing it on the last day of the 2011 session.

The proposal would have protected transgendered individuals from housing and employment discrimination. Activists who had pushed earlier in the session to legalize gay marriage have also lobbied for the transgender protections, but Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, D-Calvert, made clear the measure would not likely pass his chamber.

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From "Senate quashes transgender equality bill" by Julie Bykowicz, Baltimore Sun 4/11/11

The House of Delegates gave final passage just before the crossover deadline a little over two weeks ago. But in break from protocol, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller sent the bill to the Rules Committee, rather than one that directly vets legislation. Rules did end up moving the bill to the Judicial Proceedings Committee, which in turn passed it along to the Senate floor.

Instead of being debated on the floor this morning, Sen. James E. DeGrange, an Anne Arundel County Democrat, asked that it be sent back to Judicial Proceedings. Miller and other Democrats joined 11 of the 12 Senate Republicans in voting to doom the bill.

Senators were reluctant to debate the controversial issue on the final day of legislative work. Opponents said the legislation might go to far. For example, they said, schools and child care facilities should be exempted so that parents of young children are not forced to contend with questions about gender identity before they are ready to do so.

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From "Your assignment from the transgender lobby" by Stella Morabito, Washington Examiner 4/11/11

A curious development over the past 10 years or so is the politically motivated use of the term “assigned” when referring to sex identification on everyone’s birth certificates.

The Maryland bill’s usage of the term “assigned at birth” is meant to apply universally. It assumes – for us all – that our sex was never an inherent trait, but that authorities made an arbitrary selection of either the “M” or “F” box on our birth certificates.

It requires everyone to accept the idea that our sex is a social construct, relative and changeable, and to reject it as a genetic or physical fact.

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From "Future of coed showers decided by lawmakers" © 2011 WorldNetDaily 4/11/11

Originally, the strategy would have included gender identity nondiscrimination in "public facilities," which would have included locker rooms, restrooms, bath houses, club houses and dressing rooms.

The opposition to the bill had been raised by a citizens group that unsuccessfully fought a Montgomery County, Md., plan to create "coed showers" by protecting cross-dressing possible sex offenders who gain access to women's locker rooms by alleging they are "transgendered."

Officials with the NotMyShower.com website, who organized when Montgomery County was considering its own plan in 2007 and 2008, said there were a number of problems with the idea.

"In Montgomery County, children are taught that transgenderism is doing anything outside of the gender norm and that one can change their body to match the way they feel. There is no mention of the risk of steroids, that gender identity confusion is a disorder, or that some transsexuals regret their decision. No one has studied the effect on a child's developing gender identity of having a kindergarten teacher begin the school year as a male and end as a female. HB235 plays Russian roulette with vulnerable children," the organization said.

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