Sunday, April 24, 2011

Liberals, Abortionists Watch America Go Right

They thought the conservative sweep of the 2010 elections was confined to fiscal issues, but now liberals observe that electing Christians brings multi-dimensional priorities.

For background, read Proved: Tea Party Movement is Christian and also read Pro-life Legislation Floods America

-- From "GOP uses majorities for social legislation" by Lois Romano, Washington Post 4/24/11

As state legislatures adjourn over the coming weeks, new Republican majorities backed by GOP governors are leaving their mark in a wave of legislation that reaches far beyond the economic issues that dominated the midterm elections last fall.

The measures are among the thousands of bills proposed as newly empowered GOP state [h]ouses take advantage of their first opportunity in decades to have such a broad impact on policy. Twenty legislative bodies across the country flipped from Democratic to Republican control, and the party picked up governorships in 10 states.

Liberals have criticized the focus on conservative social plans.

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From "Republican gains in legislatures tug nation to the right" by Ann Sanner and Calvin Woodward, The Associated Press 4/23/11

A tug to the right was in the cards ever since voters put the GOP in charge of 25 legislatures and 29 governors’ offices in the 2010 elections. That is turning out to be every bit as key to shaping the nation’s ideological direction as anything happening in Washington.

Conservatives welcome the pace and breadth of it all. “When you have one side that’s been put out in the legislative wilderness, there’s a lot of pent-up ideas that are going to move quickly,” said Dallas Woodhouse, director of Americans for Prosperity in North Carolina.

So is a conservative tide sweeping the nation?

If Republicans are overreaching, it’s also true that voters did not elect them to govern like Democrats.

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