Saturday, April 09, 2011

Abortion Funding Nixed in D.C., Still Funding Planned Parenthood

By continuing funding to the abortion industry, Congressional conservatives sacrificed the unborn so national parks wouldn't close for a few days, but they did stop abortion funding in the District of Columbia.

For background, read Federal Government Shutdown Over Abortion

UPDATE 4/12/11: Donations to Planned Parenthood Soar - Is federal funding even necessary?

-- From "Deal curbs D.C. abortions, includes other social issues" by Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico 4/9/11

Democrats beat back Republican attempts to cut funding for women’s health services, including for organizations like Planned Parenthood.

But Democrats did agree to ban the District of Columbia from using federal and local taxpayer funds on abortions — a move already being cheered by abortion opponents as a noteworthy victory.

The deal also includes a guarantee that the Senate will vote on bill that would end federal funding for Planned Parenthood, according to a House Republican summary.

Such a bill is unlikely to make it through the Senate, but the vote will put moderate Democrats and Republicans, particularly those facing tough reelections next year, on the spot.

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From "Budget deal includes abortion and school voucher riders" posted at WTOP FM-103.5 (Washington D.C.) 4/9/11

One of the policy "riders" still included in the budget would prevent the city from using any local or federal money to pay for abortions for low-income residents.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has been fighting against that provision.

The deal also includes money to restart the city's school voucher program.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program has been a top priority of House Speaker John Boehner. It's the only program that uses federal tax dollars to subsidize private-school tuition.

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From "For D.C., Budget Deal Revives School Voucher Program, Reinstates Ban on Abortion Funding" posted at 4/9/11

The GOP-led House voted to reinstate the [voucher] program last month and passed a stopgap measure this week that included the abortion rider. But those bills had little chance to go any further with the Obama administration opposed to vouchers and the abortion rider.

Congress eliminated the voucher program in 2009. Critics of vouchers, including teachers unions, say it draws money away from public schools.

In 2009, the Obama administration lifted the ban on D.C. funding abortions. But earlier this year, House Republicans proposed reinstating the ban in a larger bill that would effectively make permanent a string of separate restrictions, including the so-called Hyde Amendment, which have to be renewed periodically by Congress.

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