Saturday, December 06, 2014

Minn. OKs Boys on Girls' School Teams, in Showers

Torn between competing liberal special interest groups, the Minnesota Sports High School League (MSHSL) has chosen to advance the Gay Agenda at the expense of the feminists by enacting a state-wide policy applying to public schools, and even independent Christian schools, to allow boys to play on girls sports teams and giving the boys freedom to join the girls in the locker rooms and showers.
"I think it's unfair that you're giving boys the opportunity to proclaim themselves as girls just so they can play on a girls team and potentially take away our scholarships."
-- Melanie Outcalt, 10th grade volleyball athlete
UPDATE 10/13/15: Illinois School Rejects Fed's Forcing Boy into Girls Shower

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-- From "High school board OKs transgender athlete policy" by The Associated Press 12/4/14

The policy, which will take effect next school year, allows transgender athletes to pick the team that fits with their gender identity and provides an appeal process for students whose schools turn down their request.

Supporters of the measure celebrated its passage as an important step toward making transgender students more comfortable and accepted in school . . .

The policy sparked an avalanche of public input, delaying a vote scheduled for October and spawning full-page ads from opposing groups that proclaimed the guidelines would mean "the end of girls' sports."

Opponents again urged the board Thursday to delay or scrap those guidelines, citing concerns about giving transgender athletes an unfair advantage on girls' teams and worries over transgender students in locker rooms. Several Republican lawmakers asked the board to let the Legislature handle the issue.

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From "High school league votes to let transgender athletes pick their teams" posted at Minnesota Public Radio 12/4/14

Board members began considering the policy in July, and tabled a vote in October for further review. There was no delay this time. Members discussed it for about 30 minutes then took a vote.

After the vote, board chair Scott McCready, who is activities director at St. Charles High School in southeastern Minnesota, said the policy was needed to guide school officials like him on how to include transgender athletes in sports.

Transgender students who want to play on the team of their choice will be required to submit statements from parents or a doctor to school officials. But they won't be required to show proof of hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery.

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From "High School League overwhelmingly approves transgender policy" by David La Vaque, Minneapolis Star Tribune 12/4/14

The board set out criteria for determining whether transgender students who were born male but identify as female can be eligible for girls’ teams at the nearly 500 schools in the league’s membership. State law already permits girls to compete in boys’ sports.

Eighteen of the 20 board members voted yes. Emmett Keenan, activities director at St. Cloud Cathedral, voted no. Paul McDonald of Ely, who was appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton and participating in his first board meeting, abstained.

Chris McDonald, a league board member and debate coach at Eagan High School, said gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students "look to this board to provide equal access for all students."

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From "Christian schools' 'hands tied' by gender-bender rules" by Greg Corombos, News Director, Radio America (posted at World Net Daily) 12/5/14

Minnesota is the 33rd state to grant some sort of high-school sports accommodation to transgender students. [Autumn Leva, director of policy and communications at the Minnesota Family Council] said this wave happened very recently, so it’s too soon to chronicle the impact of the policies from around the country. She contends this is a major focal point of the gay rights agenda. Leva said state high-school athletic associations are under pressure to conform from the the National Federation of State High School Associations, or NFHS, which is heavily influenced by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN.

The MSHSL did adopt an exemption for religiously affiliated high schools, but Leva said that provides far less protection for those schools than the league would have Minnesotans believe.

“The league actually narrowed the exemption, so now if a private Christian school is not directly affiliated with a particular denomination or a specific church, they are not protected under this policy,” she said. “So they will have to comply. That’s all of our independent Christian schools.”

“Again, that will almost certainly lead to (transgender athletes) using the locker rooms of the opposite sex,” she said. “So we’ve got students’ privacy right implicated, putting students of opposite sex in very private settings, changing and using the restroom together. Obviously that’s a huge concern to students and parents.”

Leva added, “We’ve got Title IX implications and discrimination against female athletes, since our state statutes make very clear that we separate female teams for a reason, to ensure that they have an equal and fair opportunity to compete. This policy really flies in the face of that provision.”

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