Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Police: Colo. Students Sexting, Parents Ignorant

After identifying the source of a sexting incident at Legend High School, police in Parker, Colorado are warning parents to supervise their children's usage of smart phones and social media, but no warnings have been given concerning all-to-common pornographic sex education in America's public schools.  In Colorado, a minor who captures a self image and distributes the photo is guilty of felony child pornography.

UPDATE 11/6/15: Child Porn Self-produced by Hundreds of Colorado Students in One School

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-- From "Parker police investigate high school sexting allegations" by Kirk Mitchell, The Denver Post 12/6/14

Police, who were tipped off about the images on Tuesday, identified the "originator" of the photographs. But detectives are concerned that the images have already been shared with other students.

Parker police have asked parents of students to look at photographs or camera rolls and third party applications such as Snap Chat for explicit images.

"It is important to note that producing, taking, or sharing sexually explicit images of a minor is a felony criminal act which is punishable by jail time," according to a news release by the Parker Police Department.

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From "Parker Police Investigate ‘Sexting’ Case At Legend High School" by CBS News KCNC-TV4 (Denver, CO) 12/6/14

The case is also being investigated by an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) detective.

“If your child feels that he or she was the subject in an explicit photo in this case and has not spoken to the police, please contact the Parker Police Department,” police said in a statement. “Review the content of the student’s devices. Please look in the photos, camera rolls, and any third party apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, or cloud storage which may have been utilized for image and video storage.”

If parents discover any vidoes, images, texts, apps, emails, or other communications that are believed to be evidence of criminal conduct or victimization of your child or any other child, we respectfully encourage you to contact the Parker Police Department at 303 805-6911.

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