Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stanford's Anti-Christian Lesbian Ordained Priest

Two years ago, Stanford University hired their atheist "chaplain" John Figdor, and now, the new Dean for Religious Life is likewise an alumni of Harvard Divinity School: Jane Shaw is an ordained priest of the Church of England, and a self-declared lesbian, who says that churches must stop "doing religion all the time" and welcome people without converting them.
“I think the great crisis of our day is climate change and the environment.”
-- The Very Reverend Dr. Jane Shaw
UPDATE 2/21/15: Colleges Hire Humanist Chaplains for the Nonbelievers

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-- From "Jane Shaw named new dean for religious life" by Jacqueline Carr, The Stanford Daily 7/21/14

As dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco since 2010, Shaw oversaw the growth in all areas of the cathedral’s community life. During Shaw’s deanship, the church’s artistic, cultural and educational events tripled.

Currently Shaw is also a visiting scholar at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in Behavior Sciences.  A historian and theologian, she has authored a number of books and is currently working on a book on spirituality and mysticism in the early 20th century.

Shaw received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford and holds an MDiv from Harvard and a Ph.D. in history from UC-Berkeley.  Prior to joining Grace Cathedral, she taught history and theology for 16 years at Oxford where she was Dean of Divinity and Fellow of New College.

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From "Dean of Grace Cathedral to become Stanford dean for religious life" posted at The Stanford Report 7/22/14

Shaw, 51, will succeed the Rev. William "Scotty" McLennan Jr., who is stepping down after 14 years. She will assume her position as Stanford's spiritual leader this fall.

During her time as dean of Grace Cathedral, Shaw has overseen growth in all areas of the cathedral community's life, not least in its artistic, cultural and educational events, which have tripled over the past four years. She founded a resident artist program, and also developed educational programming that related questions of values and ethics to the issues of the day, such as the environment and technology.

Shaw joined Grace Cathedral from the University of Oxford, where she taught history and theology for 16 years and was Dean of Divinity and Fellow of New College. A historian of modern religion, she is the author of Miracles in Enlightenment England (Yale, 2006); Octavia, Daughter of God: The Story of a Female Messiah and Her Followers (Yale, 2011), which won the San Francisco Book Festival History Prize; and A Practical Christianity: Meditations for the Season of Lent (Morehouse, 2012).

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From "First Person: A conversation with Jane Shaw, dean of religious life and professor of religious studies at Stanford University" by Lisa Van Dusen, Palo Alto Weekly 12/22/14

At age 8, Shaw was booted out of the Brownies after three weeks for being "disruptive" -- having suggested to her leader that the troop might do something more interesting than cutting out paper shapes. You could say she's a nonconformist. An activist in support of the ordination of women, champion within the LGBT community and a board member of Human Rights Watch, Shaw describes herself as "not so churchy" and interested in "practical religion."

Shaw says she spends much of her time in the 1920s and '30s, immersed in books of that time, but is "trapped in the 21st century." Her round glasses are a nod to the era in which she feels most at home.

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From "Out lesbian new head of SF's Grace Cathedral" by Seth Hemmelgarn, The Bay Area Reporter 11/11/10

An out lesbian has become the dean of San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, making her not just the first lesbian, but the first woman ever to head the church.

"I'm myself and people can take me as I am," said Shaw. "I'm many things, not just a lesbian, not just a woman. I'm an intellectual, I am a new immigrant in this country, I love music ... . I'm happy they called me to Grace Cathedral."

Shaw also said, "I want to take a role in many communities," including the LGBT communities. . . .

Shaw is domestic partners with Sarah Ogilvie.

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