Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sacramento Funneling Taxes to Abortionist: Exposed
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The Sacramento County, California grand jury has begun an official inquiry of the practices of the mayor and Sacramento city council members regarding a no-oversight $1+ million annual slush fund.  Local news media have uncovered a transfer of $11,000 of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood over a two-year period.
"I think if people were aware of it, you would have an overwhelming amount of people showing up at a City Council meeting complaining.  I think you would have calls to their offices. I think you would have long lines if there was an open forum for people to discuss. I think it would be a big issue."
-- Christina Marotti, Sacramento resident
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-- From "Grand jury opens inquiry into Sac City Council" by Kevin Oliver, KCRA-TV3 (Sacramento, CA) 12/18/14

The inquiry was launched after KCRA 3 revealed that City Council members have been using taxpayer-funded discretionary accounts to pay for pet projects and community events without a council vote.

Each of the eight City Council members get $400,000 a year to spend, with few restrictions. Meanwhile, the mayor gets a budget of $940,000.

KCRA 3's investigation revealed thousands of dollars have been spent on items like portable toilets and bounce houses.

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From "Some Upset Over City Council's Contributions to Planned Parenthood" by James Rojas, KFBK-AM1530-FM93.1 (Sacramento, CA) 12/18/14

Sacramento's mayor and city council spend thousands of tax payer dollars a year from discretionary funds with little to no oversight. This includes paying for travel, entertainment and self-promotional materials.

KCRA says former Councilman Steve Cohn defends using his discretionary fund to make the contribution, as does Councilwoman Angelique Ashby.

Some are now asking for clear policies or even citizen commissions to make decisions on where the funding should go.

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From "Sacramento council funds spent on movie nights, bounce houses" by Kevin Oliver, KCRA-TV3 (Sacramento, CA) 12/17/14

In the fiscal year 2013-14, Mayor Kevin Johnson spent $905,000 from his budget. . . . including an $11,000 staff appreciation luncheon, trips to Washington, D.C., and a brochure listing his accomplishments.

A city audit in 2004 recommended establishing "written policies, written procedures and the establishment of clear practices" for how those funds could be used, but in the past 10 years, the city clerk's office said no new rules or policies have been put in place.

KCRA 3 found City Council members gave tax money to organizations, including business groups, labor organizations and even Planned Parenthood, without a council-wide vote, which has raised questions among some taxpayers.

When KCRA 3 asked [Councilmember Angelique] Ashby about using tax dollars to contribute to Planned Parenthood programs, she defended the contribution, took off the microphone and walked away.

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From "Sac City Council funds Planned Parenthood programs" by Kevin Oliver, KCRA-TV3 (Sacramento, CA) 12/18/14

Since 2012, every City Council member gave some of their discretionary funds to Planned Parenthood, a total of $11,000.

Council member Steve Cohn defended his use of City Council discretionary funds for the programs.

Sacramento resident and mother of four, Christina Marotti, said she doesn't want her tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood programs -- period.

"I don't think they as elected officials should have the ability just to spend where they please," Marotti said. "It almost seems like it's kind of hidden. If it's not voted on, it's not announced. (KCRA 3) found it, but I never knew about it before."

Liz Figueroa, vice president of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, said they get a great deal of funding from tax dollars and education reduces a lot of taxpayers costs.

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