Friday, December 05, 2014

Fired Homosexual Music Dir. Sues Catholics—Chicago

Colin Collette was fired from his position as music director at Holy Family Catholic Community in suburban Inverness in July because he announced plans to be married to William Nifong.  Then Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago met with Collette in September to make clear to him that the Church simply cannot employ someone who so publicly violates Catholic tenets, just as Rev. Terence Keehan of Holy Family had told Collette previously.
"I have chosen to enter into a marriage, as is my right under Illinois law, and perhaps I can open the door to other men and women who the church has chosen to exclude from the community. . . . My pursuit now is about change and justice, about acceptance and openness in the church"
-- Colin Collette, broadcasting on local media
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-- From "Investigation expected after gay choir director fired from Catholic church files complaint" by Courtney Gousman, WGN-TV9 (Chicago, IL) 12/4/14

Federal and county officials are getting involved in allegations of discrimination, after a Catholic choir director says he was fired for professing plans to marry his gay lover.

The complaint filed Thursday is expected to trigger investigations [by the] EEOC and the Cook County Commission on Human Rights and could make for a landmark lawsuit.

Attorneys believe this case could make it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Right now Collette has taken a job [at] a flower shop and he has yet to marry his longtime partner.

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From "Gay music director files complaint over firing by Catholics" by Dan Hinkel and Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune 12/5/14

Collette's claims were filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Cook County Commission on Human Rights, the local body that handles discrimination allegations. A federal discrimination complaint generally has to be filed and reviewed before a person can sue a former employer over alleged discrimination. The EEOC can issue an aggrieved employee a notice of the right to sue the employer or, in rare cases, the agency can sue the employer on the employee's behalf.

Collette's firing upset many parishioners at Holy Family, drawing hundreds of people to a meeting at the church in August. Most who spoke at the event voiced support for Collette, and a church cantor announced his resignation because of Collette's dismissal.

In November, Holy Family announced the hiring of Gene Garcia as the new director of music, according to the church website.

Collette's lawyer, Kerry Lavelle, said negotiations with the church and archdiocese led nowhere. Collette has reached out to Chicago's new archbishop, Blase Cupich, but has received no response, LaVelle said.

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From "Gay ex-Holy Family music director files discrimination claims" by Doug T. Graham, Daily Herald (Chicago suburbs) 12/4/14

The complaints name Holy Family's pastor, the Rev. Terence Keehan, and parish manager Rosemary Geisler as parties responsible for the discriminatory firing, according to Lavelle.

Kristina Regal, another attorney for Collette, said Holy Family has 30 days to respond to the allegations. Collette would end the legal proceedings if allowed to return to work at Holy Family or another parish, she said.

"This is the first case that we know about where someone has been terminated for entering into a legal gay marriage, so we're testing new law," [Kristina Regal] said.

Dolores Siok, a member of Holy Family for more than 25 years, said Collette's firing has driven a wedge down the middle of the congregation.

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From "Cardinal meets with gay church employee who was fired" by Meredith Rodriguez and Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune 9/10/14

Colin Collette, who recently was let go from his job at Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, said that after he asked for the meeting, [Cardinal] George responded right away.

“I was incredibly grateful to the cardinal for meeting with me. This is an incredibly difficult time for him. ... I was moved beyond words that he would meet with me,” Collette said of George, who is battling cancer. “We prayed together. He was wonderful. He was very pastoral.”

Collette declined to elaborate on the nature of the discussion Tuesday. He said he had sought the meeting in hopes of getting his job back. While there was no indication that would happen, Collette said the cardinal urged him to speak to his pastor.

The Archdiocese of Chicago had said that the meeting would be private and that the cardinal would not comment about it. Holy Family’s pastor, the Rev. Terry Keehan, also did not respond to a request for comment.

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From "Gay Music Director Files Suit After Being Fired From Church Over Engagement" by Mary Ann Ahern, WMAQ-TV5 (Chicago) 12/4/14

Collette said [newly-appointed] Chicago Archbishop Blasé Cupich has not returned his calls.

“We do intend to respond in the appropriate form in which it was filed, and I think that’s probably the best way for us to respond to it,” Cupich said.

"Pastors hire and dismiss all parish personnel and govern according to the teachings of the Church and Archdiocesan policies. This is a matter of personal integrity on their part," the archdiocese said in a statement. "Those that serve as Ministers of the Church, including worship ministers, are expected to conform their lives publicly with the teachings of the Church."

Cardinal George said before his meeting with Collette that it was Collette's decision that "caused this crisis."

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