Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Conn. School Censors 'Controversial' Pro-life Kids

Principal Lee Panagoulias of Branford (Connecticut) High School told the Students for Life club that their pro-life message is just too controversial, and so unlike other student clubs, the pro-life student organization is not allowed to display beliefs or even discuss the subject matter during school hours with other students.
“The First Amendment protects everyone, regardless of the speech that you’re presenting to the student body, regardless of whether it seems controversial to the administration.”
-- Sam Bailey-Loomis, president and founder of the BHS Students for Life
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-- From "Branford Student Pro-Life Group Leader Claims Discrimination by School Administrators" by Steven M. Mazzacane, The Branford Seven 3/10/14

The website LifeNews.com is reporting that Sam Bailey Loomis, who leads the group, and her fellow members have faced resistance from [Principal] Panagoulias dating back to February of 2013.

. . . The article states that, according to Bailey Loomis, she had approached Panagoulias about hosting events to inform others about her club, and after a series of postponements, something the article calls “delay” tactics, ultimately informed her that “the club could not hand out pro-life literature, clipboard, or set up an information table in the commons area during lunch.”

The article is extremely vague when it comes to stating what the exact requests were and what the circumstances were. It is not known if other students are allowed to hand out literature during lunch, or what issues would be raised if it were allowed.

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From "Branford High Students for Life club’s censorship claim draws national attention" by Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register 3/11/14

Bailey-Loomis said that since the controversy began, “I have had people talk about me online, talk about me to my face ... I have had an angry mother complain about me to the Board of Education ...”

“We cannot sit back while our pro-life students are denied their constitutional rights and bullied by their school administrators,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, in the release. “At Branford High School, there is double standard for pro-life students, and we intend to expose this injustice and correct it.”

Last week, the Alliance Defending Freedom group sent a letter to Branford High and Branford Public Schools on behalf of Branford High School Students for Life “requesting that they end their discriminatory behavior against the group,” the release said.

This not the first time the group has made news. In September 2012, members wrote several messages in chalk on school walkways as part of National Pro-Life Chalk Day, which were quickly erased by school staff.

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From "Connecticut High School Administration Censors Pro-Life Student Group" by Kristan Hawkins, LifeNews.com 3/10/14

. . . In the past few weeks, Mr. Panagoulias denied Sam and her club the ability to invite others to join the group in the form of clip boarding and handing out literature to students during lunch. The school has also told Branford High School Students for Life that they can only host events after school, a restriction not imposed on other student groups.

When planning the spring semester, Sam met with her principal to ask permission to host events and inform others about her club, going out of her way to be above reproach and adhere to the school’s policies. She came prepared with the Branford High School Student Handbook and made it clear that their proposed events were well within the student guidelines and were similar to those that other students clubs had been approved to do. The principal then told Sam he would “think about it” . . .

Sam Bailey-Loomis, President and Founder of Branford High School Students for Life remarked, “I hope that the Branford Public School system will respect the students at Branford High School by not acting as a barrier to the student body’s equal access to essential information regarding life. I am proud to be on the front lines alongside abortion abolitionists in high schools and colleges across the country to safeguard our rights, stand up for the preborn, and make a lasting impact on our campuses.”

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