Sunday, March 23, 2014

Third Grade Boys Mimic Homosexual Abuse at School

Two teachers at Adams Elementary School of the Riverside (California) Unified School District have been placed on paid administrative leave while police investigate allegations that a third-grade boy has, over a two-year period, repeatedly forced homosexual behavior on a fellow male student at school.

News sources report that school officials are shocked by the allegations.  But why?

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-- From "California third-grader accused in sex assault of classmate" by Dan Whitcomb, Reuters 3/21/14

[School District spokeswoman Jacquie] Paul said the school principal contacted police after students came forward earlier this week to tell an after-school program coordinator they had something to report.

She said that, according to an initial investigation, one boy has been accused of assaulting his classmate five to seven times, starting in second grade, and that some of the incidents took place in a classroom or restroom on campus.

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From "Sex-abuse allegations leveled at third-grader" by The Associated Press 3/20/14

The school's principal talked to the students and to both boys, leading to allegations of five to seven incidents of sexual abuse that began in second grade and continued into third grade, [Jacquie] Paul said.

The boys' names were withheld, and no further details were released about their identities or the alleged incidents because of their ages, Paul said.

The boy suspected of abuse has been suspended and could face expulsion, Paul said.

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From "2 Riverside teachers put on leave amid 3rd grade student sex scandal" by Jason Wells, Los Angeles Times 3/21/14

Two teachers at a Riverside elementary school have been placed on leave amid allegations that a third-grade boy sexually assaulted another boy repeatedly since last year.

News of the action came as parents attended at meeting Thursday night at John Adams Elementary School seeking answers from district administrators.

"One of the young boys apparently was coercing another young boy to perform sexual acts," [Jacquie Paul] told The Times.

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From "Abuse allegations alarm parents; ‘children are safe,’ principal says" by Peter Surowski, The Riverside Press-Enterprise 3/20/14

Paul DeFoe, principal at Adams Elementary School, on Thursday March 20, 2014, [spoke] to parents about the accusations of a sexual assault at the school.

The incident shocked the staff at Adams Elementary, a tightly knit school of 555 students, officials said.

Rape counselors will look at if a child perpetrator has experienced sexual abuse in their own life as well as other factors that may have encouraged curiosity or prior exposure to sexuality in some way . . .

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