Tuesday, March 04, 2014

GOP Coalition For 'Gay Marriage' in Appeals Court

Twenty prominent Republicans, including former U.S. senators Alan Simpson of Wyoming and Nancy Kassebaum of Kansas, are filing a document with the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals saying that citizens of Utah and Oklahoma had no constitutional basis to define marriage as one man and one woman.  These RINOs go further by arguing that government-sanctioned deviant sexual behavior is good for American society.
"Marriage is strengthened and its benefits, importance to society, and the social stability of the family unit are promoted" by same-sex marriage.
-- Republicans for "Gay Marriage" tell court
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UPDATE 6/26/14: Tenth Circuit Court upholds rulings favoring same-sex "marriage" -- GOP wins!!

-- From "Western U.S. Republicans to urge appeals court to back gay marriage" by Eric M. Johnson, Reuters 3/4/14

The Republican group cited constitutional guarantees of equal protection under the law, proper limits to government's role in citizens' personal lives, and individual freedom, among other reasons.

. . . 17 states plus the District of Columbia recognize same-sex marriage, including eight states where it became legal in 2013.

Utah and Oklahoma would be added to that list if federal court rulings overturning gay marriage bans on constitutional grounds are upheld by the U.S. Appeals Court in Denver. Hearings are slated for April.

Rulings there could render same-sex marriage legal in states within the court's circuit - namely Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming, although an opposing decision by the U.S. Supreme Court could bar them.

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From "Republicans From the West Give Support for Gay Marriage" by Erik Eckholm, New York Times 3/3/14

The brief was the latest sign of widening cracks in Republican opposition to same-sex marriage, even deep in the country’s conservative heartland.

Sean Gallagher, a lawyer and Republican Party activist in Denver who helped prepare the brief, said many Republicans were rethinking their positions. “The themes of liberty and freedom resonate especially well in the West,” said Mr. Gallagher, who was chief counsel in Colorado for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012.

In December, a federal court in Utah overturned the state’s amendment restricting marriage to a man and a woman. In January, a federal court in Oklahoma struck down that state’s ban on gay marriage.

In Nevada, the state prevailed in court in 2012 in its defense of marriage restrictions. The gay and lesbian plaintiffs appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, and last month Nevada’s Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, agreed to withdraw from the case, saying that defense of a same-sex marriage ban was not legally tenable.

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