Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prayer at School Board Won't Stop: South Carolina

Florence (SC) District One school board member Pat Gibson-Hye Moore says her Christian mission is to bring prayer to schools across America.  She resisted the Board's past decision to replace the opening prayer at regular meetings with a "moment of silence," during which time Moore continues to pray out loud while all heads are bowed.
"They're trying to take God out of our lives completely, and He's our protector He's our savior. I respect other religions, but America is built on Christianity, we are the majority."
-- Pat Gibson-Hye Moore, Board member, Community Activist
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-- From "Florence school board member pushes for prayer in school" by Ken Baker, WMBF-TV32 (Myrtle Beach, SC) 3/15/14

There is concern that what Gibson Hye-Moore is doing is illegal.

Gibson Hye-Moore is just one of thousands of people who are a part of the "Put Prayer Back" initiative currently spreading across the country. A few of those in the group showed up at Thursday night's meeting to show their support for Gibson Hye-Moore.

Florence One's Board of Trustees has considered eliminating the time allotted for the moment of silence so that Gibson Hye-Moore doesn't pray out loud.

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From "School board member protests with prayer" by Sean Maginnis, WMBF, posted at WRBC-TV6 (Birmingham, AL) February 2012

"I voted against the moment of silence because before you know it, down the road that will be taken away," Moore says.  "I just refuse to let people tell me how to operate my faith."

Weeks ago, the board voted to replace a prayer with a moment of a silence.  But Moore says she has been taking advantage of the moment of silence to pray out loud.

"I've just been praying a really short prayer, one or two lines, loudly and openly," Moore says.

"They can ban me from meetings, they can take me to jail whatever they desire," Moore says. "Let their hearts do what they want and my heart will continue to do what I've been told to do."

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From "Florence County School Board member refuses to pray in silence" by Tonya Brown, 10/18/12

Thursday night, someone suggested they do away with the moment of silence because board member Pat Gibson-Hye Moore prays aloud during the moment of silence.

Some board members fear they could face a lawsuit because she continues to openly pray out loud at meetings, but Moore says she's just following her heart.

She says, "I'm not going to say Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but, dear heavenly Father and we all have a heavenly Father that we believe in. We need guidance, strength and wisdom. That's what I'm praying for guidance, strength and wisdom."

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From "School board member hopes to put prayer back in school" by Tonya Brown, 8/23/13

"I continue to pray at our school board meetings. I don't care about the ACLU. I don't care about the Supreme Court. What's the most they can do? Put me in jail. And the nation will come out because we need to put prayer back into the lives of our children," said Pat Gibson Hye-Moore, Florence School District One Board Member.

"I know that people really want this. I get a lot of phone calls. I get stopped in stores all the time when I'm out in the street. People really want to see prayer back in schools."

Moore adds that she's networking with people in other states who plan to help her grassroots efforts.

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