Saturday, March 08, 2014

Fox Fires Sports Commentator for Being Christian

One day after Fox Sports Southwest put Craig James on TV, network executives at Fox Sports fired the former football running back because they didn't agree with his 18-month-old public comments in favor of natural marriage.  In response, attorneys at Liberty Institute, representing James, says that the Texas Workforce Commission has charged Fox Sports Southwest with discrimination, and has begun an investigation.
"I think [homosexuality is] a choice, I do. I think that you have to make that choice. … they are going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions."
-- Craig James, in 2012
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-- From "Craig James’ discrimination claim to be investigated by state agency" by David Barron, Houston Chronicle 3/6/14

James, the former high school, college and NFL running back who in 2012 ran in the Republican Primary for the Senate seat now held by Ted Cruz, alleges the network discriminated based on his religious beliefs by firing him after a one-day on-air stint in August 2012.

James made comments during his Senate campaign indicating his opposition to gay marriage, and he alleges that statements by the network regarding his dismissal support his belief that he was fired on religious grounds. He told the Associated Press last week the incident has left him “radioactive” for future broadcasting jobs.

Fox has said that James’ hiring by the regional network was not “properly vetted” and that his position as a “polarizing figure” in the world of Texas sports led to the decision not to retain him.

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From "Craig James: Fox Sports firing was ‘sucker punch’" by Nomaan Merchant, Associated Press 2/28/14

One day after his first appearance on Fox Sports Southwest, James says he was fired and then read a spokesman’s comment online that the network questioned “how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department.”

“That’s like a sucker punch,” James said Thursday. “For someone to call you and offer you a job, praise your talents, your credentials, put you on the air the next day and fire you the following the day: That’s like some kind of mean joke.”

“Craig James is a polarizing figure in the college sports community and the decision not to use him in our college football coverage was based on the perception that he abused a previous on-air position to further a personal agenda,” the network said in a statement Thursday.

James was a longtime color commentator for ESPN who quit to run for U.S. Senate two years ago in Texas, where he grew up and starred at SMU. He finished fourth in the Republican primary.

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From "Fox Sports Southwest Charged With Discrimination for Firing Craig James Over Homosexuality Remarks" by Melissa Barnhart, Christian Post Reporter 3/7/14

During a Thursday "Washington Watch" interview with Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, James and his attorney, Hiram Sasser of the Liberty Institute, discussed their thoughts about the TWC's decision and their next steps in this case.

Sasser explained to Perkins that Fox Sports now has to respond to the TWC's discrimination charge for firing James, and added that either the state commission will sue the sports network, or they will give Liberty Institute the opportunity to follow through with a lawsuit for religious discrimination.

"I have two stacks of documents Fox Sports has provided us. One stack of documents supports our claim that they engaged in unlawful religious discrimination," Sasser said. "The other stack of documents I can't discuss the contents of because they're marked 'confidential.' They're secret documents that Fox Sports doesn't want you to see. But I really like those documents and can't wait to use those in the courtroom."

He continued, "I don't know why Fox Sports is continuing to fight this. Every day that goes by the cost of getting out of this discrimination claim is going up for Fox Sports."

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