Friday, June 03, 2011

Americans Say Abortion is Wrong, Dems Don't

Yet another poll, this one by pro-abortion National Public Radio, shows that most Americans believe abortion is wrong, including two-thirds of younger adults. Meanwhile, a Democrat pollster claims Americans are tired of hearing about abortion.

For background, read Pro-life Trends Continue in American Opinion: Poll and also read the linked series of previous polls

-- From "NPR Poll: 59% of Americans Say Having an Abortion is Wrong" by Steven Ertelt, 6/3/11

NPR asked “do you personally believe having an abortion is wrong” and 59.3 percent of Americans polled said yes compared with just 40.7 percent who said no. The youngest age category of those polled, under 35, gave the most pro-life responses with 65.5 percent saying that having an abortion is wrong.

The NPR survey also asked, “Would you like to see abortion laws in this country made…more strict; less strict; remain the same?” The survey found 45.9% wanted the laws more strict while 54.1 percent wanted the laws to stay the same. The results make it clear that some Americans believe abortion laws are more strict than they are currently — as the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision made it so abortion is essentially available at any point in pregnancy for any reason. As was the case with other questions, those under 35 gave the most pro-life response — with 54.6 percent wanting to make abortion laws more strict.

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From "More Good Polling Results, this time from NPR" by Dave Andrusko, National Right to Life 6/3/11

31.6% [under age 35] said abortion should be illegal in most cases and another 25.5% said abortion should be illegal in all cases—a total of a 57.1%.

[The survey asked,] “Say someone buys private health insurance using government assistance to help pay for it. Do you think insurance sold that way should or should not be allowed to include coverage for abortions?”

A whopping 58% said no, it shouldn’t (64.% of those under 35) to only 42% who said yes.

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From "Poll: Public tired of abortion debate" by Kate Nocera, Politico 6/2/11

Americans are growing tired of the abortion debate and want to move on to a broader discussion about reproductive health, a new survey by a Democratic polling firm finds.

The poll, conducted by Lake Partners, found that Americans feel Congress has focused too much on abortion and not enough on things like preventive care, reproductive health and expanding access to birth control.

The poll was commissioned by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, an organization that represents family planning administrators and clinicians, and the Communications Consortium Media Center, a public interest media center that works with nonprofits.

The debate over family planning earlier this year could have broader implications for politicians, the poll finds. Four in 10 Americans said they would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to defund groups like Planned Parenthood.

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From "Poll: Americans are tired of abortion debate" by Ashley Lopez, Florida Independent 6/3/11

. . . subjects in the survery were asked if they agreed with the following statement:
While the current political debate focuses too much on abortion, there is a much broader discussion that needs to happen around reproductive health. We may have different opinions about abortion, so rather than continuing to argue about this one issue, our elected officials should focus on the broader context like providing greater access to birth control, teaching comprehensive sex education and improving maternal health and childbirth outcomes. These are issues that will allow us to come together.
Seventy-nine percent of adults agreed with the statement, with 49 percent agreeing “strongly.”

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