Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gay Guy as Prom Queen: School, Media Love It

Everyone is celebrating a Blacksburg High School, Virginia senior who has announced that he is a homosexual -- including voting him to be the first male prom queen.

In a related story, Two New York Boys Named Prom 'King & Queen'

-- From "Guy is crownded prom queen at VA high school" by Holly Pietrzak, WDBJ-TV7 Reporter 6/1/11

Jake Boyer was senior class secretary, a choir member, editor of his school's literary magazine, and now prom queen.

"This was as much a social experiment as it was a fun thing to do," explained Boyer.

He kept [his homosexuality] a secret for a year, but his friends and family were immediately accepting. So, it wasn't a surprise when friends urged him to run for high school prom queen.

Boyer dressed in drag as performer Lady Gaga.

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