Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aborted Fetus Landfill Dumping Boycott

Truck rental companies are refusing to allow their trucks to be used for hauling "medical waste" that includes baby corpses from abortion clinics.

UPDATE 1/6/12: Medical waste giant Stericycle serviced abortionist charged with 10 counts of murder

UPDATE 12/12/15: Ohio Abortionists Dump Babies in Kentucky Landfill

-- From "Connection between abortion, rental trucks" by Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow 6/28/11

A campaign against a hazardous waste company by evangelical organization Repent America is gaining ground in its fight against the abortion industry.

The organization, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, launched the campaign against Stericycle for its collaboration with the abortion industry.

. . . Stericycle has denied picking up aborted babies, but [Repent America spokesman Michael] Marcavage says that is not true. In fact, in Austin, Texas, Stericycle admitted picking up remains of aborted children and illegally dumping them in a landfill, but stated that the boxes picked up were improperly labeled.

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From "Ryder to abortionists: 'Not with our trucks!'" by Michael Carl, World Net Daily 6/25/11

In a major victory for the pro-life movement, Ryder System, Inc., one of the nation's leading truck leasing companies, has notified the Campaign to Stop Stericycle that the corporate giant no longer will allow medical waste disposal company Stericycle to use its trucks to service abortion clinics.

Campaign to Stop Stericycle director Michael Marcavage, also the leader of Repent America [said] . . . "We hope the remaining truck leasing [companies] will follow Ryder and Penske's lead to stop providing resources to Stericycle to assist abortion facilities in carrying out their evil deeds."

"Stericycle, the nation's leading waste management company, depends entirely upon truck leasing companies like Ryder to provide vehicles for its waste collection routes, which include a reported 586 Planned Parenthood locations and hundreds of other abortion facilities nationwide," the campaign said.

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