Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama's Same-sex 'Marriage' Position: Who Knows?

President Obama spent a few hours rubbing elbows with wealthy supporters of homosexual rights Thursday night in New York, but stopped short of endorsing same-sex marriage, instead, calling for equal rights for gay couples.
"This is clearly, financially, a very important group for the president."
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UPDATE 6/30/11: Obama again rides fence on "gay marriage" (video):

-- From "Despite pressure from activists, Obama sidesteps gay-marriage debate" by Perry Bacon Jr., Washington Post 6/23/11

As a few in the crowd shouted “marriage” and “Do you support it?” at him, President Obama on Thursday evening avoided taking a position on a measure being considered by the New York state legislature that would legalize gay marriage [that passed late Friday evening]. Instead he said, “I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country.”

“We’re going to keep on fighting until the law no longer treats committed partners who’ve been together for decades like they’re strangers,” Obama told a crowd of more than 600, many of whom had come from other states to attend his first fundraiser specifically for gays in the 2012 election cycle.

It was not clear how many people in the room were shouting at Obama on gay marriage. But they were loud, at one point yelling “marriage” enough times that the president stopped speaking and said, “I hear you guys.”

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From "Obama extols gay rights, stays neutral on gay marriage" by David Jackson, USA TODAY 6/24/11

The president said New York "is doing exactly what democracies are supposed to do," debating tough issues and proving "the power of our democratic system."

"It's not always pretty," Obama said. "There are setbacks. There are frustrations. But in grappling with tough and, at times, emotional issues in legislatures and in courts and at the ballot box, and, yes, around the dinner table and in the office hallways, and sometimes even in the Oval Office, slowly but surely we find the way forward."

In terms of outright advocacy, Obama cited efforts on partner benefits, repeal of the military's restriction on gays and his administration's refusal to make legal arguments on behalf of the Defense of Marriage Act, which strictly defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

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From "President enters N.Y. same-sex marriage fray" posted at CBS News 6/24/11

Most of his words were met with applause from a packed room of 600 well-heeled gay and lesbian campaign donors. But mid-speech, members of the audience began chanting, "Marriage. Marriage. Marriage," protesting over what Mr. Obama didn't offer -- an endorsement of same-sex marriage.

The president replied to their chants, "I heard you guys."

The president openly supports civil unions for gay couples, but not gay marriage, a position The White House describes as "evolving." Some at the fundraiser said it's not evolving fast enough.

Politico White House reporter Julie Mason said of the president's position, "He doesn't want to alienate some moderates who are not really comfortable with the president taking that strong a stand on gay marriage. So it's a bit of a political calculation. Also, I'm just not sure he personally believes it. He has never indicated that has."

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From "Obama 'Evolving' but Stops Short of Endorsing Same-Sex Marriage" by Paul Stanley, Christian Post Reporter 6/24/11

The president’s comments were given as the New York Senate is one vote shy of legalizing same-sex marriage [but, in fact, did pass late Friday evening]. The state’s Assembly passed the bill by a vote of 80-63 last week. As of this afternoon, supporters are still one vote shy of passage.

Obama spent the first half of his speech talking about typical issues such as jobs, the killing of Osama bin Laden and issues relating to the middle “class.” Although his aides continue to use the term “evolving” when they reference the president’s position on same-sex marriage, Obama stopped short of endorsing gay marriage.

Obama is often described as the most “gay-friendly president in history,” a phrase formally used to describe President Clinton, so many in the audience were looking for more.

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