Thursday, June 23, 2011

Abortion Genocide Billboards Unwelcomed in Calif.

"Black & Beautiful" billboards calling attention to abortionists' targeting of minorities are going up in Oakland even as Hispanic activists successfully pressured the billboard owner to yank similar ads addressing Latinas in the Los Angeles area.

For background, read Abortion Targeting Blacks: Exposed in Media Campaign and also read Black Genocide in New York City (nearly 2 of 3 killed in womb) as well as Will Next Black President be Aborted Instead?

UPDATE 6/28/11: Billboard company declares ad NOT offensive -- it will stay!

-- From "Racial specific anti-abortion billboards arrive in Oakland" by Paul T. Rosynsky, Oakland Tribune 6/22/11

A national anti-abortion advertising campaign targeting inner-city minorities with racial-specific billboards reached Oakland this month with at least 25 "Black & Beautiful" signs plastered in East and West Oakland.

While the Radiance Foundation and groups associated with it call the billboards educational, abortion rights and civil rights organizations have labeled them racist, offensive and misleading.

Although [Walter Hoye III, president of the Issues 4 Life Foundation], an African-American minister, said he did not think the billboards were racist or offensive, the California NAACP said they were and urged groups to pressure any billboard company that decides to conduct business with the Radiance Foundation or any group affiliated with it.

[Alice Huffman, president of the California NAACP,] said she was disturbed that the billboards attack Planned Parenthood, a health care provider that, in many cases, is the only source for health care in poor minority communities.

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From "Anti-abortion billboard stirs controversy in community" by KTVU/CNN 6/19/11

"They stigmatize African-American women, they're not a positive message," [local Congresswoman Barbara] Lee said. "All women should have a right to make their own decisions without anyone interfering with those personal decisions."

Billboard supporters are firing back, defending the anti-abortion billboard.

"What about saying our children are black and beautiful is an attack on black women," asked Catherine Davis, with the Black Pro-Life Coalition.

The "Issues for Life Foundation" says the billboards will stay up until July 10.

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From "Anti-Abortion Billboards Targeting Latinos in Los Angeles Removed Under Pressure" by 6/17/11

An anti-abortion group says that an advertising company bowed to pressure by removing jumbo billboards in Los Angeles that portray abortion as a form of genocide in the Hispanic community – a sequel to a billboard campaign that targeted the black community in New York and Georgia.

"The most dangerous place for a Latino is in the womb," reads the three signs on billboards space the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles purchased from CBS Outdoor.

The billboards went up last Friday and were supposed to stay up for a month. But they are being taken down Friday after the group said supporters of abortion rights complained, calling the billboards racist.

The Los Angeles chapter of Planned Parenthood cheered the removal of the billboards.

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From "Pro-Abortion Hispanic Groups Take Down Pro-Life Latino Billboards" by Steven Ertelt, 6/17/11

Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, announced the new pro-life billboards recently, saying “It’s clear that Latinos are being targeted by organizations that promote abortion like Planned Parenthood. Many of their clinics are in Latino neighborhoods and communities.”

The new billboards read, in Spanish and English, “El lugar mas peligroso para un Latino es el vientre de su madre/The most dangerous place for a Latino is in the womb.” The ads were part of a kickoff for a Sunday event called “Unidos por la Vida” (United for Life) at the LA Sports Arena sponsored by the pro-life group Manto de Guadalupe. The event featured Governor Rick Perry of Texas and pro-life activist Lila Rose of Live Action Films.

Gabriela Valle, senior director of California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, is one of the pro-abortion zealots taking on the billboards and told Orange County Weekly that she believes they are racist.

The left-wing Center for American Progress also aggressively attacked the ads . . .

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