Friday, June 17, 2011

What is Marriage? 62% of Americans Know

A new poll, conducted by researchers affiliated with polls for NPR and NBC News, finds that the vast majority of Americans define marriage “ONLY as a union between one man and one woman,” with only 35% saying the contrary. This is consistent with the 62% of states in the nation in which citizens have voted for laws defining marriage as such.

UPDATE 6/17/11: This poll worries the liberal media, so it must be discredited

-- From "New Survey Shows 62 Percent Of Americans Support Marriage Between One Man And One Woman" posted at The Sacramento Bee 6/16/11

Family Research Council (FRC) responded today to the release of a national survey showing that 62 percent of Americans agree that "marriage should be defined only as the union between one man and one woman." The national survey was commissioned by the Alliance Defense Fund and conducted by Public Opinion Strategies last month.

Regarding the survey, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"This survey demonstrates that more than six in ten Americans have a deep appreciation for the unique benefits that marriage between one man and one woman brings to families and society. There is a broad understanding that marriage between a man and a woman fosters strong families and is indeed the bedrock of civilization.

"This survey is a reflection of the voters in 31 states who have voted overwhelmingly to preserve marriage at the ballot box – with Minnesota, North Carolina and Indiana next in line with referendums.

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From "Most Americans Still Believe in Traditional Marriage, Poll Reveals" by Stephanie Samuel, Christian Post Reporter 6/17/11

Despite several other polls which show the national opinion is trending toward favoring legalizing gay marriage, the poll sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund shows the exact opposite – Americans still strongly support traditional marriage.

Gene Ulm, Public Opinion Strategies partner and survey director, said the national survey's overwhelming support for traditional support is "not surprising." Unlike the other national polls, Ulm said this poll closely reflects the voters themselves.

National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown disputed the early results from a Washington Post-ABC poll, pointing out that it used the word "illegal" and implied that same-sex couples would be arrested for entering into a gay marriage. In that March poll, 44 percent said gay marriage should be illegal while 53 percent said it should be legal.

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From "Study: Majority of Americans Favor Traditional Marriage" by Charisma News Staff 6/16/11

The results reflect voter behavior of Americans who are faced with the decision to either affirm marriage in their state constitutions or leave it open to legal challenges or other attacks.

“These numbers are not surprising,” Public Opinion Strategies partner and the survey’s director, Gene Ulm, says. “More than 63 million Americans in 31 state elections have voted on constitutional marriage amendments. Forty million Americans in all—63 percent of total voters—have voted to affirm marriage as a union between a man and a woman.”

“Americans strongly affirm the lifelong, faithful union of a man and a woman as the fundamental building block of civilization,” Raum explains. “This survey, along with the nearly 80 percent win rate in ADF marriage cases, shows the opposition has created an illusion of momentum but not a real base of support or track record of victory in the courts.”

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