Friday, June 17, 2011

GOP Pro-homosexual Candidate for President

Homosexualists are satisfied that the Republican field of candidates will include an advocate for the Gay Agenda: Former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman.

-- From "Gay GOPers turn out for Huntsman" by Ben Smith, Politico 6/16/11

Jon Huntsman's Washington, D.C. fundraiser last night included what one attendee described as an unusually diverse Republican crowd -- including the heads of the two main, and feuding, gay Republican groups.

The executive director of the confrontational conservative group GOProud, Jimmy LaSalvia, was in attendance; as was the deputy executive director of the more establishmentarian Log Cabin Republicans, Christian Berle.

[Huntsman] was seen as a relatively pro-gay governor of Utah, where he favored civil unions and rights, like hospital visitation, included in them.

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From "Jon Huntsman, A Gay Rights Ally, To Join Race For White House" by Carlos Santoscoy, On Top Magazine 6/15/11

The 51-year-old Huntsman resigned during his second term as governor of Utah to accept President Barack Obama's appointment as Ambassador to China, a post he left on April 30.

As governor, Huntsman backed a failed effort to extend some rights to gay men and lesbians in Utah. In 2009, the gay rights group Equality Utah introduced five bills backed by two openly gay lawmakers. Three bills would have brought greater equality in the areas of hospitalization, medical care, housing, employment and probate rights. And a pair of bills would have created a domestic partner registry for gay couples by repealing a part of Utah's constitutional marriage amendment. Without the support of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) the effort died in committee.

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