Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chicago Mayor Pushes Same-sex 'Marriage'

President Obama's former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, now mayor of Chicago, wants to see homosexual 'marriage' enacted in Illinois, just a few weeks after the new civil unions law has taken effect.

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-- From "Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Discusses Daily Exercise, Supports Marriage Equality" posted at Huffington Post 6/30/11

. . . Emanuel, when asked about New York's recently approved same-sex marriage law, said he would support a similar law in Illinois. Earlier this month, Illinois' civil union law went into effect, allowing same- and different-sex couples alike to enter into marriage-like unions, though many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists remain focused on marriage equality in the state.

"I would hope that the state would move in that direction" Emanuel told Blitzer. "Tremendous progress has been made across the country on a value statement and I think that's very important."

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From "Emanuel hopes Illinois will follow New York in same-sex marriage legislation" by Laura Klairmont, CNN 6/29/11

As a mayoral candidate and mayor-elect, Emanuel advocated for civil union legislation in Illinois, which went into effect in early June. The law gives more limited but similar protections to same-sex married couples, including health care benefits.

"Within the first 30 days, I see a union between my senior advisor, he and his partner," Emanuel said. "Later that day, the governor and I went to a ceremony in Millennium Park where 30 couples, another member of my cabinet was getting married to her partner. They were getting joined in a civil union."

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