Thursday, January 06, 2011

Young Virgin Sale Yields Only a Few Grand

A teenage college girl has advertised her virginity for sale in hopes of funding her education, but learns that the market would bear only a fraction of the cost.

UPDATE 5/23/11: A Salt Lake City woman was arrested for selling her 11-year-old daughter's virginity for $10,000

-- From "Teenage student sells virginity online to fund tuition costs" posted at London Telegraph 1/4/11

The anonymous female student posted a link on popular website The Student Rooms offering herself for sale in exchange for cash - and has so far attracted 92 posts from fellow students. . . . [some] saying she should expect a minimum of £2,000.

She goes on to say that she is a 'quite attractive' 18-year-old, adding that she is a slim blonde with a bust size of 32DD and has 'a pretty face (apparently)'.

One student, calling himself Ritchie888, tells her: "While you're at it, sell your soul."

In 2004, 18-year-old Bristol University student Rosie Reid sold her virginity for £8,400 after auctioning herself off on eBay.

Although eBay withdrew her auction she ended up sleeping with a 44-year-old BT engineer who paid her £8,400 for a night with her in a hotel in north London.

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