Monday, January 03, 2011

Abortion Targeting Blacks: Exposed in Media Campaign

Heroic Media, a pro-life advertising firm favored by Sarah Palin, has effectively communicated the pro-life message in its home town of Austin, Texas (including billboards highlighting the disproportionately high rate of abortion of African-Americans), now plans to expand it's advertising across America and beyond.

-- From "Anti-abortion ads target black women" by Erin Cargile, Austin News 12/22/10

The smiling face of an African American boy is displayed high above traffic on Interstate 35. Drivers heading south can see the billboard near Eighth Street.

The sign reads, "The most dangerous place for some children is in the womb," and directs drivers to check out more information on a website .

It is part of a nationwide anti-abortion media campaign put together by the Austin-based pro-life nonprofit organization, Heroic Media. Television commercials have been running, too, that reach out to black women and blast Planned Parenthood, which offers abortions.

That piece of information is typed on another website along with the controversial message that was banned from billboards in a number of U.S. cities. The sign had a silhouette of a pregnant woman next to the words, "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb."

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From "Austin group targets African Americans, likens abortion to ‘genocide’" by Patrick Brendel, The American Independent 12/15/10

“Genocide is a strong word, but it’s almost like that,” said Brian Follett, founder of Heroic Media, a faith-based anti-abortion organization created in April 2004 as the Majella Society. Using celebrity speakers such as Sarah Palin and polished advertising via billboard, TV and the Internet, Heroic’s mission is to reduce the number of abortions by referring women to “crisis pregnancy resource centers,” charities (usually faith-based) that counsel pregnant women against abortion.

. . . as the organization branches out beyond heavily Hispanic Texas cities into urban areas nationwide, Heroic has begun tailoring its ads to African Americans, and in north Florida at least, aiming them directly at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data for 2006, African Americans have abortions at about three times the rate as whites, though both populations have seen a comparable decline in the procedures since 1990. In 2006, African American women had 459 abortions per 1,000 live births, while whites had 162 abortions per 1,000 live births.

When Planned Parenthood opened its new Houston headquarters recently, some critics accused the organization of intentially placing the facility near minority neighborhoods. [Rochelle Tofoya, Houston spokesperson for Planned Parenthood] said, rather, that the facility was strategically located on the busy I-45 corridor to allow clients easy access to the clinic.

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From "Austin anti-abortion group plans international expansion" by Patrick Brendel, The American Independent 12/20/10

[Heroic Media] founder, Brian Follett, says he plans to set up regional branches across the U.S. and in Latin America. He also wants his organization to evolve from marketing such centers to establishing its own facilities in major urban areas such as Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Heroic’s 2011 budget is about $5 million, Follett said. His goal is to grow into an organization with an annual budget of $30 million-$50 million within the next five years, he said. By comparison, the total net assets of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in 2008 was more than $1 billion.

He said Heroic has gained support because its campaigns are effective, pointing to a 24 percent drop in the abortion ratio (number of abortions divided by live births) in the Austin area from 2003-2008.

Sarah Wheat, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood in Austin, attributed the decline to state legislation passed in 2003 and 2005 that established a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion, required parental consent before a teenager can have an abortion, and instituted severe restrictions on abortions after 16 weeks beyond conception.

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From "Palin Headlines Heroic Media’s Inaugural Event" by Chad Simpson, MetroCatholic 11/11/10

Heroic Media made its presence known last night in Dallas in a big way by treating pro-lifers to an evening of anecdotal-laced personal testimonies and words of encouragement from some of Texas’ and the nation’s most influential pro-life leaders. . . .

The audience was treated to [Sarah] Palin’s edearing tales of family life in Wasilla, Alaska . . . While Sarah’s charisma filled the room, it was the personal testimony of Heroic Media’s Maureen McHenry that really touched me the most. . . .

While Heroic Media’s pro-life television, billboard, and social media campaign’s in Austin, where it is headquartered, have reduced the abortion ratio by 24% in only five years, the abortion rate in Dallas has risen by 19% over the same period. . . .

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