Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pro-lifer Challenges Obama in Dem. Primary 2012

Randall Terry, the controversial pro-life activist, will challenge pro-abortion President Barack Obama in the Democratic primary with the sole mission of bringing up the issue of abortion.

UPDATE 3/7/12: Randall Terry succeeds with Super Bowl ads, and wins Democrat delegate in primary election against President Obama

-- From "Abortion foe plans Obama challenge" by Dan Hirschhorn, Politico 1/18/11

An outspoken anti-abortion activist says he wants to unseat President Barack Obama next year — and he wants to do it via the nearly impossible path of a Democratic primary challenge.

Randall Terry, who founded the group Operation Rescue and has been arrested numerous times for his aggressive approach to opposing abortion rights, plans to announce a primary challenge against Obama on Thursday outside the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Besting a sitting Democratic president from far off his right flank is exceedingly unlikely. In an interview with POLITICO, Terry was blunt about being an underdog and said his main goals are to bloody up Obama politically and draw more attention to the abortion fight.

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From "Activist Vows Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads During Super Bowl" by Devin Dwyer, ABC News 1/18/11

Veteran anti-abortion activist Randall Terry says he's mounting a Democratic primary challenge to President Obama in 2012, in part to be able to run graphic TV ads showing aborted fetuses during next year's Super Bowl.

"I want to pummel Obama. I despise this presidency. He is the arch child killer of the Western Hemisphere, so I'm going to go head-to-head with him," Terry said in a phone interview.

"My ultimate goal is to make child killing illegal again. And for child killing to be made illegal, there has to be a crisis of conscience; we have to show the victims like we show the Holocaust victims and say never again."

While TV networks occasionally reject ads based on controversial or graphic content, the Federal Communications Act requires broadcasters to provide legally qualified political candidates fair access to ad time and forbids them from censoring ads "in any way, or for any reason." Terry said he's confident he can raise the $2.5 million for a Super Bowl spot and that CBS would broadcast it.

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From "Pro-Life Activist to Challenge Pro-Abortion Obama in Democratic Primary" by Steven Ertelt, 1/18/11

Terry understands he has absolutely no shot of winning the Democratic nomination over the president, but he says his goal is to expose Obama’s pro-abortion record and energizing pro-life voters to oppose him in the general election, where Obama will face one of numerous potential pro-life Republican candidates.

He said the goal of his campaign is to “create a crisis of conscience for Americans regarding” abortion and to “pound on President Obama’s agenda” starting with abortion.

“America has never truly debated child killing, because America has never truly seen child killing. We will use FEC and FCC laws for federal candidates to bring America face to face with this massacre of the innocents,” he said.

But Wesley J. Smith, a respected bioethics attorney, called the move by Terry a [publicity] stunt and said it would ultimately help Obama.

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