Thursday, January 13, 2011

Girls Fear 51-year-old Dorm-mate 'Former Man'

Students at Southwest Texas Junior College are uncomfortable, to say the least, after they learned they'd be living with a so-called transgendered person -- a 'woman' with the DNA of a man.

-- From "Transgendered Student Caught In Dormitory Dilemma" by Jessie Degollado, San Antonio KSAT 12 News Reporter 1/13/11

Jennifer Gellar's admission to Southwest Texas Junior College in her hometown of Uvalde is not a problem. But where she will live might be.

Willie Edwards, SWTJC spokesman, said which dormitory the transgendered student will be moving into when classes begin next Monday is "under review."

Gellar used to be John Brigman, who said he served in the U.S. Navy and in military police reserves. Now 51 years old, Gellar said "going over to the female side," resulted in a medical discharge from the military in 2008.

In her second year at the two-year college, Gellar said she would feel safer living in the women's dorm.

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