Sunday, January 30, 2011

Calif. Abortionist Loses License over Homicide

Andrew Rutland agreed to surrender his medical license, for a second time, after the coroner's office ruled the death of a pregnant woman a homicide as Rutland attempted an abortion. The agreement did not include an admission of guilt, and Rutland will not face homicide charges.

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-- From "Anaheim doctor agrees to surrender medical license" by The Associated Press 1/26/11

The state Medical Board said Wednesday that Dr. Andrew Rutland violated a court order that limits the kind of procedures he can perform.

He agreed to give up his license by Feb. 11 to avoid disciplinary proceedings for the death of a woman who had a toxic reaction to anesthesia and suffered a heart attack in 2009.

In 2002, Rutland was accused of negligence in the death of two babies and other violations. He gave up his license and successfully applied for reinstatement five years later.

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From "Practitioner Loses License, Killed Woman in Failed Abortion" by Steven Ertelt, 1/26/11

The botched abortion was done in July 2009 at a filthy and ill-equipped acupuncture clinic in San Gabriel that Rutland ran where he also did abortions. Rutland killed [Ying] Chen by administering anesthesia to her and not knowing the proper dosage. . . .

According to the Orange County register, Rutland will surrender his medical license on February 11 rather than face disciplinary proceedings on the allegations of gross negligence related to Chen’s death. He did not admit his guilt related to the botched abortion in making the agreement with the California Medical Board, which says Rutland acknowledges the board could establish “factual basis” for one or more charges other than the homicide.

This is the second time Rutland has surrendered his license — as he did so in 2002 for severing a baby’s spinal column during a forceps delivery, then lying to the parents by telling them that their baby suffered a stroke. The baby later died. His license was reinstated in 2007 and Rutland was placed on five years probation with the restriction that he operate only under the supervision of another physician.

Rutland’s Los Angeles attorney Paul Hittelman would not comment to the newspaper about whether Rutland would pursue a medical license after the three year period is up during which he can’t practice medicine.

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