Sunday, January 09, 2011

Evangelicals Warn of Cult of Environmentalism

They warn of the spiritual dangers of environmentalism. They claim that well-meaning believers have been misled into joining a "Cult of the Green Dragon," which worships creation instead of God. They dismiss Christians who say protecting Earth is a biblical directive.

UPDATE 2/17/11: White House refers to opponents of environmentalism as "heretics" (video)

-- From "Environmentalism can be bad for soul, group warns" by Bob Smietana and Heidi Hall, The Tennessean 1/4/11

"Around the world, environmentalism has become a radical movement," Christian talk show radio host Janet Parshall said in a promotional video for the [DVD] series. "Something we call the 'Green Dragon.' And it is deadly. Deadly to human prosperity, deadly to human life, deadly to human freedom. And deadly to the gospel of Jesus Christ."

The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, a religious nonprofit that questions the danger of global warming, produced the DVDs, sold for $49.95 per set at Cornwall Alliance spokesman E. Calvin Beisner said many environmentalists see human beings as no more important than any other animal, but God put humans in charge of nature.

The Green Dragon series also sees environmentalism as a threat to the sanctity of human life.

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