Sunday, January 23, 2011

Government Keeps List of 'Homophobic Kids'

President Obama having enacted the Hate Crimes law, can now see the American future in the United Kingdom where 30,000 students per year, including toddlers, are being permanently branded as bigots based on playground squabbles.

Solution: A £35,000 grant will enable public schools to teach "gay issues" in core curricula, with a gala launch celebrating LGBT History Month.

-- From "Thousands of schoolchildren branded 'racist' and 'homophobic' during playground squabbles" by Andrew Hough, London Telegraph 1/18/11

Teachers logged more than 10,000 confrontations involving primary school students making racist insults or derogatory comments about homosexuals in 12 months.

A further 20,000 “hate crimes” were recorded against secondary school students such as using the phrases “white trash” or “gaylord” during playground squabbles.

And nursery school staff reported several dozen such bullying incidents involving young children despite most not understanding the meaning of what they were saying.

After the introduction of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, which put public bodies under a duty to eliminate discrimination, schools were told they had to monitor the impact of their policies on the educational attainment of pupils of different races.

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From "30,000 pupils branded as bigots: Teachers log 'racist' and 'homophobic' jibes in playground squabbles, even at nursery" by Sarah Harris, UK Daily Mail 1/17/11

The school can also keep the pupil’s name and ‘offence’ on file. The record can be passed from primaries to secondaries or when a pupil moves between schools at the request of the new head.

And if schools are asked for a pupil reference by a future employer or a university, the record could be used as the basis for it, meaning the pettiest of incidents has the potential to blight a child for life.

In the majority of cases, the ‘racist’ spats involved mere name-calling.

At one primary, teachers filled out an incident form after three Year Four pupils, aged eight or nine, told a classmate he was ‘gay’ and could not play with them.

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From "Children as young as FOUR to be taught about homosexuality under plans to 'celebrate gay community'" by Kate Loveys, UK Daily Mail 1/23/11

Children as young as four are to be taught about homosexuality in maths, geography, science and English lessons.

In a Government-backed drive to ‘celebrate the gay community’, lesson plans for pupils have been drawn-up to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues.

And youngsters aged four will be exposed to images of same-sex couples and books such as ‘And Tango Makes Three’ which is about two male penguins raising a chick, inspired by events at New York’s Central Park Zoo.

David Watkins, a teacher involved in the scheme, said: ‘when you have a maths problem, why does it have to involve a straight family or a boyfriend and girlfriend? Why not two boys or two girls?

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