Tuesday, January 04, 2011

'Religions are Scams:' New Advertising Campaign

The American Atheists latest billboard tells motorists in Alabama "You know they're all scams," picturing religious symbols, and claiming that atheists have been "telling the truth since 1963."

-- From "Local Atheist Says Billboard Isn't Targeting Religious Groups" by Jerry Hayes, WHNT News TV19 Anchor (Huntsville, AL) 1/3/11

A new billboard on South Memorial Parkway is the talk of the town. It's intended to promote an upcoming event in Huntsville. But it's also turning a lot of heads.

Blair Scott is the Alabama State Director for American Atheists [and says,] "The billboard says you know it's a scam. Well, if you're a religious person, you don't know that so you're not the intended audience. The intended audience of that billboard, the intended market is our fellow atheists and agnostics and free thinkers who are continuing the charade, continue to go to church, what we call closet atheists."

Scott says since the billboard went up, they've signed up close to a dozen new members.

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From "Atheists Declare Religions as 'Scams' in New Ad" by Nathan Black, Christian Post Reporter 1/3/11

American Atheists defines "scam" as a ploy to raise money, a fraudulent business scheme or an attempt to intentionally mislead a person usually with the goal of financial or other gain.

It claims that the "truth" is that "all religions make money and power from their flock" and that "all religions make lots of promises about an afterlife that doesn't exist."

American Atheists goes on to contend, "Billions of adherents, many of whom are preachers themselves, all victims of this Great Scam. Some know it's a scam, yet defend religion because they like the lies. They like the fraud. They like the false sense of security. Unfortunately, no matter how much you like a lie, it doesn't make it truth. It DOES make religion a great scam if victims are willing to defend it, even in the face of truth."

It follows an earlier ad campaign that attacked Christmas, declaring it to be a myth.

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