Saturday, January 08, 2011

Suicidal Boy to Become Girl: Judge

An Australian judge rules in favor of the child's parents, and several experts, who say the best treatment for an autistic 16-year-old boy who likes to cross dress would be hormone therapy and genital mutilation to yield an appearance of a girl. The 14-year-old sister also agrees with the judge's decision.

From "Autistic boy, 16, allowed to become a woman but judge orders he freeze his sperm in case he wants to be a dad" by Richard Shears, UK Daily Mail 12/28/10

A schoolboy has been given permission to start changing into a woman - provided he has his sperm frozen in case he decides to 'father' children some time in the future.

The extraordinary case has emerged in Australia where a female judge in the Family Court has given the 16-year-old boy the go-ahead to start drug treatment in the first steps to his conversion into womanhood.

Judge Linda Dessau said the teenager, who is mildly autistic, was mature enough to know what he wanted - and he had the support of his parents, six specialists and a lawyer.

He also had the support of his 14-year-old sister, whose clothes he has been secretly dressing up in.

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From "Teenage boy to swap gender" by Janet Fife-Yeomans, Sydney Daily Telegraph 12/29/10

The judge said the boy had so desperately wanted to be a girl he'd become suicidal, once ingesting lead solder at school.

"There is no doubt, on the evidence, that he is struggling and suffering enough with the momentous issues he has had to face," Justice Dessau said.

At age 14, he told his parents he was revolted by his body and wanted to become female.

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