Monday, January 10, 2011

Same-sex 'Marriage' Forced on Christians: Court Ruling

Once the Gay Agenda is codified into law, any right-of-conscience objection by Christians gets ruled unconstitutional, as demonstrated today by a Canadian appeals court.

While homosexualists are granted rights to force their beliefs onto others by their conduct, Christians are forbidden to express their beliefs.

UPDATE 1/16/11: It's the law - Gay rights trump religious rights

-- From "Opting out of marrying same-sex couples unconstitutional, Sask. court rules" by Barb Pacholik, Postmedia News, posted at Vancouver Sun 1/10/11

Gay-rights activists are applauding a ruling from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal that found it unconstitutional for marriage commissioners to say "I don't" to same-sex couples seeking civil wedding services.

"The decision confirms that people have their religious beliefs, and they may entertain that — there's complete freedom of religious beliefs," said Reynold Roberston, the Saskatoon lawyer who was appointed by government to argue against the draft laws that would have accommodated the marriage commissioners' religious views.

"It's only when your conduct on doing something might have an effect on somebody else which has a discriminatory effect."

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From "Sask. court: Civil commissioners must marry gays" by QMI Agency, Toronto Sun 1/10/11

The case stems from three human rights complaints filed by marriage commissioners in the province. They alleged their freedom of religion was being infringed upon every time they were ordered to perform a same-sex marriage.

As a result of that complaint, the province submitted two possible solutions for the court's consideration: 1) that marriage commissioners appointed before Nov. 5, 2004, not be required to perform same-sex marriages if it runs contrary to their beliefs, and 2) No marriage commissioner is required to perform same-sex marriages if it runs contrary to their religious beliefs.

The court ruled that both proposals violate the equality rights of gays and lesbians in greater measure than individual marriage commissioners and "as a result, if put in place, either option would be unconstitutional and of no force or effect

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