Thursday, April 29, 2010

Virginia Gov. Permits Chaplains to Pray to Jesus

State trooper chaplains in Virginia are being told they can pray "in Jesus name" again just two years after then-Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine affirmed a measure ordering them use only "nonsectarian" prayers or quit.

-- From "Cuccinelli: McDonnell policy allowing 'Jesus' prayer is constitutional" by Rosalind Helderman, Washington Post 4/29/10

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says Gov. Bob McDonnell's decision to allow volunteer state police chaplains to offer sectarian prayers at public events is "constitutionally defensible," and he will "defend it accordingly" against threatened litigation.

McDonnell yesterday told Col. W. Steven Flaherty, the state police superintendent, that he was reversing a 2008 policy that required chaplains to offer non-denominational prayers at officially-sanctioned police events. The policy change means the chaplains may now pray in Jesus's name. Flaherty had made the 2008 change in response to a federal court ruling prohibiting prayer that mentioned Jesus at Fredericksburg City Council meetings.

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From "Troopers allowed to pray 'in Jesus name'" © 2010 WorldNetDaily 4/28/10

According to Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt of the "Pray in Jesus Name" organization, the new governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, has restored the rights of six state police chaplains "to pray publicly 'in Jesus name.'"

"This victory comes after our two-year campaign for Jesus name," Klingenschmitt said.

He led a 1,000-person rally outside the governor's mansion in 2008, then submitted some 15,000 petitions to reinstate the chaplains' jobs and free speech.

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