Saturday, April 03, 2010

'Sex Addiction' Latest Excuse for Sinful Nature

The ad nauseam search by secular society to blame character flaws on something/somebody beyond ourselves

-- From "Jesse James, the latest in a string of celebrity sex addicts?" by Liz Kelly, Washington Post 3/31/10

. . . is sex addiction rehab just the latest tool in the celebrity image rehab arsenal -- the next stop after the mea culpa statement? Are all cheaters (at least of the bold-faced variety) sex addicts? And are there really any beneficiaries when celebs . . . check themselves in for a little sexual soul searching?

. . . Because, here's the thing -- I'm not convinced that cheating is something that should be treated in the same way as, say, meth addiction or alcoholism. Yes, sex junkies exist and -- as we see daily in the tabloids -- sacrifice their images and careers because they just couldn't resist a little extra something on the side. But does an open zipper policy automatically indicate sex addiction?

To help me sort through my doubts about sex addiction, I called on Dr. Andrea Bonior, author of the Express's Baggage Check column, to explain sex addiction and what's involved in treatment.

Here's Dr. Andrea's definition:

"Sex addiction -- though its diagnosis is controversial -- is much more than the urge to get some on the side. It is an all-encompassing, often compulsive preoccupation with sexual thoughts and behavior. It takes over a person's life and determines so many aspects of their day-- and they're unable to tone it down."

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It's called the fallen human condition, and there's One eternal cure.