Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recreational-only Sex Increasing in America

"The United States has seen a major shift toward nonromantic sexual partnerships -- people becoming sexually involved when they are just casually dating or not dating at all."

-- From "Casual Sex Increasing in U.S." by Robert Preidt, HealthDay 4/7/10

People in nonromantic sexual relationships today are likely to have multiple partners [according to] study author Anthony Paik, a sociologist at the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences . . .

He and his colleagues asked 783 heterosexual adults, ages 18 to 60, how many people they had been sexually involved with during their most recent nonromantic sexual relationship and found:
* 17 percent of the men and 5 percent of the women said they had been with someone other than their relationship partner.

* 17 percent of women and 8 percent of men said they'd been exclusive but their partner had not.

* 12 percent of women and 10 percent of men said neither they nor their partner had been monogamous.
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