Friday, April 23, 2010

Environmentalism Greatest Threat to Civilization

“Climate change is the totalitarian’s dream come true. It offers a rationale for government intrusion into every aspect of life for every person on Earth.”

UPDATE 8/31/13: Global Warming a Religion, Say Climate Scientists

-- From "Christian Theologian on Earth Day: ‘Climate Change Is the Totalitarian’s Dream Come True’" By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer 4/22/10

For E. Calvin Beisner and his colleagues at the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation (CASC), every day is Earth Day because Christians are called by God to be good stewards of the planet and its inhabitants.

Beisner believes that it is not carbon emissions but global warming activism and international climate treaties that are a threat to the nation’s future and the world’s poorest populations.

The enforcement of a U.N.-style treaty would mean a global government’s intrusion into how people live their private lives – “everything from the temperature at which you keep your house to whether to drive a large, crash-worthy vehicle or a small car that conserves fuel but is a death trap in an accident,” Beisner said.

In his speech, Beisner said that Christians should be concerned about global warming policies because they affect myriad issues, such as the sanctity of human life, individual liberty, the survival of free enterprise and free markets in the United States, compassion for the poor around the world, and a sovereign America with the kind of limited government envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

“Secular environmentalism, in contrast to creation stewardship, is at heart a false religion,” Beisner said.

Beisner concluded by citing one of the founding principles of the CASC, which states that the Earth is not a fragile entity made randomly by chance but the creation of an almighty God, who sustains it.

“Our God is a more intelligent designer than to make a system so fragile, and a better judge to call such a system ‘very good’ after he made it,” Beisner said.

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